Friday, January 25, 2008


That is right! I have been called to repentance by Seth. We have been really sick (more to come in the week review) which is why I haven't posted in a bit. Seth too has been sick. As a general rule we consider Seth our most grumpy baby. Josh was pretty bad but Seth takes the cake. He is so grumpy that even loving Grandma Prince and sweet Aunt Paula acknowledge he needs tons of attention. The child is like fire and ice, cute fire and ice, but fire and ice none the less. Anyway, all these 14 months we have been talking about how grouchy and plain stubborn little Seth is. His nicknames include the grumpinator and grumpulstiltskin. A fourth child should not demand this kind of attention. It is like he thinks he is a first child and we don't know what we are doing! So, we have established that Seth is grumpy! However, we discovered this week what it really means for Seth to be grumpy. While he was sick he was SOOOO BAD that is makes his normal behavior seem down right pleasant! We have learned that Seth has actually been making an effort his whole life to be pleasant. We learned that when he doesn't want to be pleasant he can unleash a reign of terror like no other. We now repent and say that Seth is at least trying his best and you can't judge a baby (or anyone) by their grumpiness and we are happy to have our sweet/grumpy Seth back!


Steve said...

I just found your blog through Brian and Janine's...I am always curious what old friends are up to so I was glad to see a little about you. I didn't even realize you had #4 - our new baby is also named Seth...I am happy I will be able to see what you are up to now.


Corrine said...

I am sorry y'all have been sick this week too! it hasn't been fun. if y'all need anything let me know! We bought a bunch of tissue for all the running noses...glad seth is feeling back to normal!