Saturday, January 26, 2008


My new favorite treat is this Sam's Choice Black Bean and White Corn salsa at Walmart. I acknowledge that there are probably better salsas out there then a Walmart brand but you can't beat the price. Anyway, I have been so freezing with my high fever that I didn't want to eat it because it was cold in the refrigerator. Then I though why don't I just heat it up...I need vegetables in my diet! So I zapped a bowl to a nice slightly warmer than room temperature and enjoyed! In fact, I might eat it that way everyday. Anyway, point was if you shop at Walmart or Sam's club you should try the salsa.


katharine said...

can't say it sounds very appealing. are you sure you are still going to like this in a week?! maybe just the fever talking? i know normal food tastes lousy when you're sick (check corrine's blog if you don't believe me).

jet said...

Ummm! That salsa IS good! And that is coming from someone who eats a different type of salsa almost every week. Heart heart! :D

Corrine said...

my sister says this is one of the best salsa's too, i love black beans and corn salad so i bet it is good, when you and i are feeling better i'll make you some of the homemade kind very tasty. hope you get feeling better