Monday, February 25, 2008

Park Adventures

It has been so beautiful lately. All the windows open and the fresh air blowing through. We went to the park. Please note Joshua jumping off the swings. He is very excited about the awesome pictures!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why I didn't want to start a blog...

This might be a long post so don't read it if it becomes too tedious. I like to try and keep posts short...
I didn't want to start a blog because I knew that I would have to learn things!! I don't want to learn things. I want things to just work and I knew that in order to make the blog work the way I wanted that I would have to do more things than I was doing at the time. For example, when I started up the blog I wanted the layout to be a bit different so I told John I wanted to change the background and asked him how. His reply, "Just go change the HTML." Oh, is that all? Of course, just change the HTML.....hmmmmmmm. So I had to learn to change HTML which I didn't really learn, I just looked for the words margin and border and then changed their values. Then I had to go start a public web album in Picasa so I could post a slideshow. I didn't really want to do that because it takes time. Also, I had to figure out what on earth was wrong with the version of quicktime I had downloaded because I couldn't get the videos to post. Therefore I had to go back and get another version of quicktime. Again, more time. The other potential problem I anticipated when starting a blog was that it would move me out of my computer comfort zone and John would take it and run. For those of you who know my husband well this will not surprise you but I am no longer allowed to use Windows on my own computer. I guess John figured that since I was now going to join the internet world outside of email and amazon I might as well jump in head first. Look for my complaints about the Windows vs. Linux battle in a future post probably titled something like "Woe is me...I am Windows free." Anyway, back to the situation that brought on this rampage. Picasa finally has a linux version. I went to download it but since the Ubuntu didn't install it exactly right the instructions to finish the install go something like this...Open a terminal and use the command sudo dpkg -i /tmp/picasa_2.2.2820-5_i386.deb. Exactly!!! I am sad to admit that I actually know what a terminal is and have opened them for John many times. I am even more sad to admit that I know what "sudo" means and the command line makes sense to me (although I could have never written it myself) And I am most sad to admit that even though I know those things there is absolutely no way I can finish this install. I will have to get John and then I will probably have to learn more about terminals and command lines!!! Argh....I guess I could just learn to live with the pictures currently in the slideshow FOREVER..........................................I'll go get John!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Moments of the Day

The best part of this video is when Seth falls down right at first. They carried those apples around all day and occasionally took a bite.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knife -> Foot

I rarely have embarrassing things happen to me. That isn't to say that I don't embarrass myself plenty when I open my mouth but physically speaking I haven't had to many crazy things happen. Never broken a bone, never let out or off undesirable smells at bad times, don't regularly trip or hit my head into things or drop things on myself. Once when I was in 8th grade in geometry class the teacher asked me a question and when I went to answer it I sneezed, coughed and hiccuped all at about the same time. It was actually such an unusual experience that I just burst out laughing (with the rest of the class) and the teacher said, "Bizarre child," and moved on. Anyway, I today when I had an accident it was quite a shock. I actually dropped a knife on my foot. The tip went right into my big toe. At first I thought the knife had fallen on me but not actually cut me. Then I got into the van to go to the church for lunch (I forgot my food because of the knife) and as I pulled out of the neighborhood I noticed blood running down my foot. I took a napkin and wrapped it around the toe for the rest of the drive and it had mostly stopped bleeding when I got to the church. The cut doesn't seem too bad but I think it could have used stitches but since I've never had to have any stitches (excluding pregnancy related) I figure I'll just wait and see :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Josh is Daddy...

John is gone to Colorado and Josh has decided that since I am very sick he needs to be the daddy while John is gone. His main goal in being "daddy" was to get Hyrum and Matthew to do what he tells them. This has not been working very well. I tried to explain to Josh that Hyrum and Matthew don't do what John asks them to do so why should he (Josh) expect them to do what he says ;) On the other hand, Joshua was suppose to unload the dishwasher while the other kids were playing outside for a few minutes before school this morning. I told him he could go out and play and I would finish the dishwasher but Josh told me that a daddy doesn't start things he is not going to finish. Ahhhhhh Josh....if only that were really true!! He did finish the dishwasher ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


School is great!I love school.My favorite subject in school is science. See you tomorrow whoever is reading this crazy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I hate homework because my brothers get to play while I do it.I do not really like homework.I wish we never had homework, like it would be buried in the sea.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Brothers can be tough.For example.My brothers jump on me,kick me and hit me.So I protect myself.I ask my dad to get them sometimes because I had to run away.The end.

Sophie's Arrival

For those who have been asking about Eldon and Stephanie's baby, sweet Sophie arrived late last night 10 days late and was reluctant to come even then. It took all the doctors and large amounts of pitocin (and the Texas-Kansas game according to Eldon) to coax her to come out. Everyone is doing well. She was 6 lb 10 oz and 19 inches.

The month of Pink!!

In honor of Valentine's Day, Matthew was kind enough to get "pink" eye. It is moderate case but the lucky thing is the doctor is so overrun with flu patients that she didn't even want to see me. They just sent out a prescription. How nice is that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday John...

Book Issues

I think I have problems...I may be having a problem. I started a book Guns, Germs and Steel but then I was talking about Mansfield Park and I decided that I just had to read it so I put the other book on hold for a few days and finished up Mansfield Park. Now I am almost done with Guns, Germs and Steel but I am dying to read Persuasion (yes, it will be about my 8 or 9th time) but I just got a hold of the Stephanie Meyer series which I have been wanting to read for forever so do I choose that or go with Persuasion or finish Gun, Germs and Steel...Also, I told myself that the Book of Mormon should always be the book I have read the most but at my current rate that will exclude any Jane Austen book and the Harry Potter series (except Deathly Hallows which I have only read 3 times) in about 3-4 years because I usually read them once or twice a year! I guess if you consider that I will also probably read the B of M at least once every year during those 3-4 years I should stay ahead of the curve. I have problems....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Help're my only hope....

Heard today...
Matthew, "Mom, can I have some apple juice." Mom, "Yes Math, just a second." Matthew, "No Mom, help me mom (aka Obi Wan), you're my only hope!"
Matthew has been saying this the past week. Help me, you're my only hope...whenever he wants something. He tells it to his brothers also when he needs help. Granted the other two boys have been known to say it every once in awhile which is probably where Math got it but it is way cuter coming from Matthew who is three and darling in general.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Week(s) in Review

Sickness is about all we have to write about. Hyrum and Josh were sick back around my birthday which was good because it was a 4 day weekend to they didn't have to miss much school. Math got sick a day or two later. Just when they were recovering, John and I got really sick. We were much worse than the boys and they thought it was viral so no antibiotics for us. There was one night we almost went to the hospital because it was like I was drowning and I couldn't breathe. Anyway, I wish we could say that we are well but John and I are still having a hard time sleeping and haven't made it through a night yet. The boys are fine though and we made it back to church. This is the first time in our marrige that one of us didn't go to church for two weeks in a row. We were pretty sick!! I am glad the worst is over although I am still only at about 50-60%. Also, the coughs have been so bad that our lower backs and chests really hurt from coughing so much ;) Other than that we have enjoyed the beautiful weather. Today it was over 80 degrees and it has been the 60-70's lately. School is going great! John's work is going great! The house is great (a great mess)! And when I decide to try and get back into life I am sure that will be great too!
Oh, the one fun thing that happened to us was Sunday morning. We got ready early and went to turn on the van at 11:55am for 12:30 church....Of course, the van wouldn't start. We listened to it awhile and decided it must be the battery. Called the Smith's and they had already left by this time. Tried our neighbors but they weren't home, then tried the Simonsen's but their big car was also gone so we decided to try and use the Sentra. We let it run for about 10 minutes and it finally started the van!! Only 10 minutes late to chruch ;)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Breakin II

So this won't be all that funny unless you know John's family but we are dying laughing over here!! (Thanks Paula)
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Hyrum and Josh and Seth jam....
For those who have asked...the reason Math is not in the video is because he thought that dancing like that would hurt his neck!

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