Monday, February 4, 2008

Week(s) in Review

Sickness is about all we have to write about. Hyrum and Josh were sick back around my birthday which was good because it was a 4 day weekend to they didn't have to miss much school. Math got sick a day or two later. Just when they were recovering, John and I got really sick. We were much worse than the boys and they thought it was viral so no antibiotics for us. There was one night we almost went to the hospital because it was like I was drowning and I couldn't breathe. Anyway, I wish we could say that we are well but John and I are still having a hard time sleeping and haven't made it through a night yet. The boys are fine though and we made it back to church. This is the first time in our marrige that one of us didn't go to church for two weeks in a row. We were pretty sick!! I am glad the worst is over although I am still only at about 50-60%. Also, the coughs have been so bad that our lower backs and chests really hurt from coughing so much ;) Other than that we have enjoyed the beautiful weather. Today it was over 80 degrees and it has been the 60-70's lately. School is going great! John's work is going great! The house is great (a great mess)! And when I decide to try and get back into life I am sure that will be great too!
Oh, the one fun thing that happened to us was Sunday morning. We got ready early and went to turn on the van at 11:55am for 12:30 church....Of course, the van wouldn't start. We listened to it awhile and decided it must be the battery. Called the Smith's and they had already left by this time. Tried our neighbors but they weren't home, then tried the Simonsen's but their big car was also gone so we decided to try and use the Sentra. We let it run for about 10 minutes and it finally started the van!! Only 10 minutes late to chruch ;)

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Corrine said...

I so sorry this has been a nasty flu! You can come over and sit around and cough with me :) Gregory asked me why i covered my head and not my mouth when I cough, and well its because I feel like my brain is going to fly out :) Have a good one and if you need anything let me know.

PS Thanks for the birthday present!!!