Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am smarter than John!!

Of course, this statement isn't true. I am not even close to being smarter than John and quite frankly, neither is anyone else (unless you include the category of common sense...then we can beat him). Even though I am not smarter than him, there is something on the computer that I can do that John cannot. John didn't even know that it could be done. I have two pages on my homepage. That's right, when I hit my homepage I have two tabs with two different pages that come up. John has been limiting himself to a single blank page all these years. This story would be better if I hadn't come by this knowledge by accident a few months ago. Nevertheless...for a few months I knew something John hadn't even thought of!


jet said...

That is impressive! I wish that I knew something John didn't!

Melissa said... doesn't happen too often when you are dealing with anything school or church related.

Marci said...

I've always thought you were smarter than john.