Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why John's PhD has backfired!!

Why has John's PhD backfired? Well, I'll tell you. Back when John was young he had all these crazy ideas about what he might want to do. Many people had given suggestions based on what they considered John talents and gifts so John was a little confused. After a while he started narrowing things down and he realized that he really loved science, especially chemistry and microbiology. He thought about getting a job after college. Then he realized that would take a lot of work so he decided on what he thought would be easier, a PhD. It's a lot easier to find a PhD program than a job. Although the PhD hasn't been a picnic, we still think a job will be harder. The problem with the PhD is that instead of escaping a big job it really just insures that you will have a big job. Now, after all these years of trying to avoid large amounts of responsibility, John has the one job that he never wanted because it was too overwhelming, a professorship ;) Good thing he really does love research...

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