Monday, March 3, 2008

Windows vs. Linux - 2 to 1

So Windows and Linux both get a point over the issue of themes, backgrounds and general appearance. One of the reasons John LOVES Linux is the fact that you can change your themes and appearance. On Windows you cannot do that very easily. However, as I have pointed out to John many times, Linux has to be changeable because it is so dang ugly while Windows doesn't need to be changeable because it is quite pleasant straight out of the box. One point for Windows. I needed to change my themes on Linux because I almost had to start using a sunlamp while I was in Linux to stave off the depression of that "sap you soul" gray and "yesterday's lunch" orange. The reason I gave Linux a point was because it nearly killed John to see me select pinks and purples and greens for my themes. Then I went in and changed all the appearances I could to pink and purple. Plus I had the nerve to select a theme that doesn't have a bubble bar!! According to John that is a big no no. So, I had to give Linux a point for allowing such acute torture of John and a little vindication for me ;)


jet said...

John, you did this to yourself. ;)

Hilary said...

That was completely over my head.
my blog (I think somehow it won't link to it through my profile -- it only links to my photography blog) is -- check it out. :)

allyantis said...

Desktop, go windows.

Web Server, go linux.

Hotness, go brant.