Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Windows vs. Linux 3 to 1

So this is really Internet Explorer vs Firefox. The new explorer, while copying the original idea of tabs from firefox, has a better system for tabs (in my opinion). You just click the little tab next to it and a new tab pops out! On firefox you can use key strokes or go up to the menu. Either way it is a little more annoying.


Brian said...

How hard is it to hit CTRL+T really? Are you willing to sell you soul so little?

This, of course, coming from the lone Windows user in a sea of Linux freaks. I know: hypocrite.

MZP said...

Truer words were never spoken. I have the Firefox shortcut on the visible part of my shortcuts, but I usually click the little arrow to get to the new explorer. (I have to put on a good show for my brothers.) The tabs are superior. And what's wrong with helping Microsoft? Would you rather have Apple take over? And this is really Dan, not Melissa.

Melissa said...

Dan...I think apple will probably take over but it will be okay for me because they use unix (I think) so the switch to linux shouldn't be to painful!!