Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, we finally made it to Boulder, CO. It was quite a trip. The packing went really well thanks to John's family, our neighbor Keith and Mike Smith. Everything fit in the truck and we got the house all clean. We stopped over in Arlington, TX to stay with John's sister and family. Of course the visit was full of cousin fun and lots of good food. We drove all of Memorial Day and made it to Denver around 9:30 at night. We checked into our apartment the next morning. So our apartment...the thing about student housing is it will always be student housing which means vinyl flooring from the early 80's with major problems and industrial looking everything. On the plus side it is so much better than student housing at Austin. There is carpet and it is a two story. Even though the sq footage (850sq ft) is really small the layout is good and there is a ton more storage compared to most student housing so we fit quite nicely. The one bathroom has been a mild problem because everyone seems to need it at the same time. I will post pictures, etc when I get out from under all the boxes.
Now on to the actual city of Boulder. Needless to say it is amazingly beautiful. The air smells so sweet here. It smells like a mixture of pine and mountain meadow. Utah smells kind of like oak and canyon and Texas smells a little like swamp so I think Boulder wins. I have never seen so many Subaru's and Volkswagens. There are barely any trucks but there are a TON of SUV's (which is to be expected). Everything is really close and people ride there bikes everywhere. Of course, the weather is absolutely spectacular but talk to me again in Jan!!
More to come...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I probably could have used a bag of chips today...maybe not a whole bag, just half ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Blog Slow Down...

John has already left for Colorado and my entire upstairs is completely packed (minus a few clothes). The downstairs is over halfway done. I am glad I have been busy because it hasn't really given me time to think about much except kids and packing. On the down side, I haven't done much of anything else including computer stuff. My computer is now sitting on top of the dresser so I have to stand to see the screen. This has also slowed down the computer usage ;) Last time I checked my email I had around 60 messages (they pile up so fast).
It was hard to go to church today and realize that I have lived in this ward longer than any other ward since I was 10. It is also the longest I have lived in a single place since I was 10. What an adventure! I think I'll buy a humidifier so Colorado feels like home ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caught off guard...AGAIN!!

So we have a woman from Alaska trying to decide between our house and another house she is looking at. On Sunday we were running a little late and tired, etc and no one had called to come through the house so we decided to just go without making it perfect. Of course, this woman's realtor came by. The house wasn't bad but it wasn't perfect. Then he came later that night (we cleaned up a bit for him) to take more pictures to send to her in Alaska and told us she would make her decision the next day and he would let us know. Well, Monday came and went so we decided she must have gone with the other house. Today John had a lab goodbye party at Hamilton Pool. Since we figured she chose the other house and we would be home in time to clean up for anyone coming this evening....again we left the house in okay but not perfect condition. What was waiting for us when we got home? A message. She had flown in from Alaska to see the houses and they had come here straight from the airport. Argh!!!! We have had a lot of showings and the only two showings that we have not cleaned up for is this lady...the only one who is actually considering buying the house. I hope Heavenly Father is just trying to prove the point that it will be His miracle if we sell it and not because of anything that we have done, which would be true no mater what....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Destiny

Another poop, another outfit....this never ending road of changing. My little Seth who knows to cry will surely scream a second poop more...
I've been singing that to Seth today for obvious reasons. Even though it is hard for him to hear it through all his fighting and crying, I think deep down he really likes it ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where are the bluebonnets???

I am sad that there aren't very many bluebonnets this year. Usually the school and all the fields and parks around us are completely full of bluebonnets. The weather this year just wasn't conducive to growing bluebonnets and apparently they are pretty picky when it comes to sprouting and blooming. We did have a lot of Indian blanket is my next favorite.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to Normal...

Hyrum's surgery went well. He was suppose to take it easy but he has been running around and jumping and playing like nothing ever happened. Along with general anesthesia he had a caudal which is like an epidural but stronger. When he woke up he was suppose to be numb for an hour or two but he was already moving his legs and he could walk. He was in a lot of pain because they didn't give him any pain medicine until he woke up but it takes awhile to start working and it was obvious he wasn't numb. They had to shoot his IV with some other medicine that started working right away and he was happy after about 5 minutes. Then they fed him 4 Popsicles and he was really happy. He has been quite pleasant on his heavy narcotics ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Professor John in the house...

Today John is officially a professor at BYU. Now he has to start following the BYU Honor Code so I told him he wasn't allowed in my bedroom anymore. He has this crazy idea that he will have to tuck in his shirts from now on because he is a "professor."