Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caught off guard...AGAIN!!

So we have a woman from Alaska trying to decide between our house and another house she is looking at. On Sunday we were running a little late and tired, etc and no one had called to come through the house so we decided to just go without making it perfect. Of course, this woman's realtor came by. The house wasn't bad but it wasn't perfect. Then he came later that night (we cleaned up a bit for him) to take more pictures to send to her in Alaska and told us she would make her decision the next day and he would let us know. Well, Monday came and went so we decided she must have gone with the other house. Today John had a lab goodbye party at Hamilton Pool. Since we figured she chose the other house and we would be home in time to clean up for anyone coming this evening....again we left the house in okay but not perfect condition. What was waiting for us when we got home? A message. She had flown in from Alaska to see the houses and they had come here straight from the airport. Argh!!!! We have had a lot of showings and the only two showings that we have not cleaned up for is this lady...the only one who is actually considering buying the house. I hope Heavenly Father is just trying to prove the point that it will be His miracle if we sell it and not because of anything that we have done, which would be true no mater what....

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Corrine said...

I hope it all goes well for you guys..and it is really in His hands I think...I am just praying that the appraisal on our house today went well...because according to the tax records our house and land is only 113,000!

Thinking of you guys!! It'd be perfect timing! Sign papers tonight and then she has 7 days to do inspection and stuff..then y'all will be gone and it will be hers!!!