Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park

Today we went to Rocky Mountain National Park with our neighbors from the ward the Soderquist's. It is a huge Natl Park!! We only got to see part if it so we will be going back. Our boys are pretty adventurous and I think the Soderquist's ended up doing a little more climbing than they are used too. We went to Beaver Meadows where the elk like to hang out and then we went to the alluvial fan area where a natural dam had broken and washed down a lot of the mountain. It was amazing.


jet said...

I like the John picture. It is becoming a staple - John hiking with a son on his back. :)

jet said...

And thank you for teaching your children how wonderful National Parks are.

Tonia said...

Just that fact that you printed alluvial fan in your post is going to make Ben ecstatic. Seriously, we are really jealous.