Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Religion vs. Football

As we now live in Boulder, CO... a VERY liberal and college town it is no surprise that both Mormons and Longhorns aren't super welcome. The Univ of Colorado - Boulder and the Univ of Texas - Austin are in the same conference. So which do you think Boulderites hate more...the LDS or the Longhorns? Well, I only have one test and that was baseball caps. I haven't had anyone say something when wearing a BYU hat and if you think they don't know BYU in Colorado then ask Air Force or Colorado St. On the other hand, when wearing my Texas Longhorn hat I was stopped many times with phrases something like "Oh, so your a Longhorn..." or "So, you are from Texas..." to be followed by comments about CU. So based on my two month experience I would have to say that football apparently outranks religion especially with the season just about to start! Maybe in the off season they'll pay more attention to my Mormonism and less to my Texas ism ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Pictures...

A few more pictures and a few more updates. We are back down in Provo today. We had a lot of fun at Snowbird with the Alpine Slide and the tram and tons of swimming!!

We had aunts and uncles and cousins show up on various days. On Thurs the 24th we went to Tyson and Sara's house for their ward breakfast and played there for awhile. That night my little cousin Zach came up with his parents (Brad and Christine) and the boys swam all night long together. Earlier in the week we hiked to Cecret Lake and Matthew managed to fall in.

Now we are terrorizing Grandma Snow's house and making sure no one gets enough sleep ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So far we have had fun up at Snowbird. If you don't know, Snowbird is a ski resort up Little Cottonwood Canyon in SLC. We had Joe and Brittany and Dallan up on Friday night and Saturday. Lots of swimming and hiking and eating. Tomorrow we are going to try and go on some of the rides up here like the Alpine Slide and the bungee trampoline and tram up to the top. The funny part is this little unit we are staying in at the Cliff Lodge is bigger than our apartment and has 2 more bathrooms ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We had John's brother's family with us for 2 nights and a day. Eldon, Stephanie and little Sophie. Poor Sophie was over-loved by her cousins. Seth DEMANDED to hold her all the time but she didn't like him much. The other boys were tolerated better and Math even got to feed her her bottle a couple of times. It was fun to have them but the problem with having kids is there is no forgiveness. Eldon and Stephanie are so much fun that we stayed up WAY too late every night but we couldn't help ourselves!! However, it doesn't matter if it has only been 4-5 hours since you went to the sleep, you still have to get up at 6:00 with the kids and there will be no naps either ;) Poor Eldon and Stephanie have it worse because they have to drive to Texas today. We at least have another night to recover before we drive to Utah tomorrow. Did I mention John was running experiments at 2:00am last night and he has to go in tomorrow morning at 5:30am. Scientists sacrifice for their bacteria!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What i made

Today i built a tank with my dad. It was made of foam.

Yogurt Cheese

So along with making my own yogurt, I thought I would take the jump and try yogurt cheese. Yogurt cheese is very easy to make because all you do is essentially drain yogurt to make it thicker. You don't need homemade yogurt either...
Anyway, it is suppose to be a good substitute for mayo, sour cream and cream cheese. I have used it in enchiladas, cheesecake and as mayo on sandwiches and we really like it. So my next question is honey vs agave (like can I really use agave on sandwiches) and honey (agave) vs sugar in baking. I don't really know the answer yet, but maybe if Meredith or Michelle or anyone else does, that would save me the time of looking it up myself ;)
Also, have been using Amazon.com to get some good grocery deals because food is more expensive here than Austin...plus no more big, cheap bottles of Mexican vanilla. I wish I was still in Austin so Brian and Janine could bring me back some (or I could just buy it at Fiesta ;)

PS - Eldon, do I dare try and use yogurt cheese instead of cream cheese for the frosting on your pumpkins bars for when you get here...??? I know how passionate you are about the pumpkins bars. Maybe we could make them both Tues and Wed and try it different each time.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Reader...

Google Reader and I are best friends...it makes life so much easier! Facebook is also adding quite a bit to my life right now!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Tag...ABC tag ;)

A-Attached or Single? Attached
B-Best Friend? John
C-Cake or Pie? Pie
D-Day of choice? Thurs or Friday
E-Essential item? My sandals
F-favorite color? Green
G-Gummy Bears or Worms? No, probably not...
H-Hometown? Boulder, CO
I-Favorite Indulgence? Wavy Lays
J-January or July? July (in Boulder)
K-Kids? 4 boys
L-Life isn't complete without? Gospel
M-Marriage date? Mar 27, 1999
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers, 1 sister
O-oranges or apples? Probably oranges
P-Phobias and fears? My children falling into water
Q-Quote? (I'll do a short one) "We read to know we are not alone." CS Lewis
S-Season of choice? Autumn
T-Tag 3 people - Jet, Corrine, Jackie, Tyson
U-Unknown fact about me? I used to eat a lot of Triscuits every single day but now I don't eve like them
V-Vegetable? Broccoli
W-Worst habit? M&M's
X-X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food? Anything I didn't make
Z-Zodiac Sign? Capricorn

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well it looks like once again John and I will be picking different movies for this year. Last year John picked the new Die Hard to see and I picked Order of the Phoenix to see in the theater. It is so expensive we figure one movie a year is good for each of us and then we can rent them. Shawna (my friend) and I went to a midnight showing of Harry Potter the day it was released. John went with his brother and my brother to see Die Hard. This year John will be going to see the new Indian Jones and I will be seeing Half Blood Prince (Nov. 21st). Yes, I am excited (I have a small Harry Potter problem)!!

Morning Duties

I woke up today with the desperate need of laundry, yogurt, bananas and exercise. The bananas are so ripe they are probably only 5-6 hours away from "too ripe even for banana bread." The yogurt is gone and I am 2 loads back on laundry which is bad since I can only do one load a day due to dryer limitations. The yogurt and banana bread are done. The wash is almost done but it looks like exercise might get sacrificed for a shower ;) Weekend are hard to recover from, especially camping weekends.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Perfect...Our 4th of July

Do you need a reason to come see us....we've got it!!

We were super lucky to get a reservation at Rocky Mountain National Park. It has been full for weeks. I just thought I would check and see in case anyone had cancelled and there was one spot open. It turned out to be one of the best sites in the whole campground. We had foil dinners and the best s'mores. Get the toasted coconut marshmallows. They were incredible!! Breakfast was pancakes and eggs and for lunch we had roasted hot dogs and snacks. We finished off the weekend with homemade BBQ chicken pizza and strawberry smoothies!

The alluvial fan and Matthew...it is just so spectacular!

How often does a person get above the tree line (11,500 ft)? I don't know...for me personally I have only been above the tree line 3 other times. With Rocky Mtn Natl Park so close it is not very hard. I think the tundra might be my favorite biome (although it is usually pretty cold and windy). The flora is just so petite and lovely...if feels like a never ending meadow.

I am not expert but I have a little knowledge of geology and these canyons scream "Ice Age Glacier." They are just beautiful. I love glacier canyons because they are just a little more rolling, round, soft, etc, compared to stream formed a canyons which are pretty dramatic most of the time. The pictures do not do them justice!!

Amazing Views!!

Climbing Trees...

Around the campground...we got plenty dirty!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So who is the chunk in our family...I know I still have a little baby weight to lose. I was doing pretty well until about Feb and March when our life just started to go crazy. I didn't really gain much weight but I stopped losing the weight which is bad since I had just started losing it again in December ;) So, once we got a little settled here I started exercising again and now I have some really good motivation. Last week John bought a fat mirror. Our mirror broke in the move so he picked up a new one and it is very fat. John is happy because it makes him look bigger but I had a hard time leaving the house after looking in it ;) Now, we have Wii Fit. Do you know what happens to your Mii when they calculate your BMI??? If it is high they turn you chunky ;(

Look at what a chunk I am. I can't compete with the little boys. Their BMI's are 13, 15, and 17. John's is a little higher than the little boys surprisingly but still normal. Mine is just slightly above normal...so now I have to lose a few pounds so my Mii isn't so chubby...
Also, you can't lie to it because it is an actual scale. I got on it later last night and it told me I had gained a few ounces. I guess I will actually have to lose those last few pounds ;(

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wii Fit

So I have been looking for Wii Fit for awhile. By looking I mean I have been keeping my eye out for it but not going crazy trying to get it like you would a Wii. Amazon hasn't had it when I have checked and I haven't seen it at Walmart, Best Buy, etc. So, I did find it at Costco today. That was pretty exciting. Do I think that Wii Fit is the answer to my problems...no (it will probably take lipo), but let me tell you why I wanted it. Do you know how much bathroom scales cost? They are extremely expensive. The very cheap ones are terrible (I tried them) so my scale was going to 1/4 -1/3 the cost of Wii Fit. Then throw in 2 yoga videos and Wii Fit is only about $10 - 20 more. This is why I decided to go with Wii Fit plus it does all your goals and BMI and it fun enough that the boys really want to use it.

Ace of Cakes...

I am trying to stay away from cable (except, of course, Star Trek NG) but my new favorite is Ace of Cakes. Hyrum and I really like this show. Hyrum really likes Star Trek too. Hy tends to make a lot of noise so we usually let him stay up a little later so everyone else can sleep. Anyway, I am officially addicted to Ace of Cakes....it is awesome!