Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Perfect...Our 4th of July

Do you need a reason to come see us....we've got it!!

We were super lucky to get a reservation at Rocky Mountain National Park. It has been full for weeks. I just thought I would check and see in case anyone had cancelled and there was one spot open. It turned out to be one of the best sites in the whole campground. We had foil dinners and the best s'mores. Get the toasted coconut marshmallows. They were incredible!! Breakfast was pancakes and eggs and for lunch we had roasted hot dogs and snacks. We finished off the weekend with homemade BBQ chicken pizza and strawberry smoothies!

The alluvial fan and is just so spectacular!

How often does a person get above the tree line (11,500 ft)? I don't know...for me personally I have only been above the tree line 3 other times. With Rocky Mtn Natl Park so close it is not very hard. I think the tundra might be my favorite biome (although it is usually pretty cold and windy). The flora is just so petite and lovely...if feels like a never ending meadow.

I am not expert but I have a little knowledge of geology and these canyons scream "Ice Age Glacier." They are just beautiful. I love glacier canyons because they are just a little more rolling, round, soft, etc, compared to stream formed a canyons which are pretty dramatic most of the time. The pictures do not do them justice!!

Amazing Views!!

Climbing Trees...

Around the campground...we got plenty dirty!!


katharine said...

even i would go camping if i could go THERE :)

Corrine said...

that looks so gorgeous. what beautiful surroundings.

Flying Princess said...

One of those pictures looks like a bunch of deer were burried in the ground up to their necks!! It is beautiful, even if I always have a Seuss-ish view of things.