Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Religion vs. Football

As we now live in Boulder, CO... a VERY liberal and college town it is no surprise that both Mormons and Longhorns aren't super welcome. The Univ of Colorado - Boulder and the Univ of Texas - Austin are in the same conference. So which do you think Boulderites hate more...the LDS or the Longhorns? Well, I only have one test and that was baseball caps. I haven't had anyone say something when wearing a BYU hat and if you think they don't know BYU in Colorado then ask Air Force or Colorado St. On the other hand, when wearing my Texas Longhorn hat I was stopped many times with phrases something like "Oh, so your a Longhorn..." or "So, you are from Texas..." to be followed by comments about CU. So based on my two month experience I would have to say that football apparently outranks religion especially with the season just about to start! Maybe in the off season they'll pay more attention to my Mormonism and less to my Texas ism ;)


Melinda said...

I've been wondering about this...and hoping that y'all would be treated fairly for choosing the right, in more ways than one. :) Game Day is Oct. 4th- also General Conference weekend- coincidence??? I think not! Hook 'Em.

Tonia said...

Funny, we never get bad comments where we live and all we wear is orange ;-)