Sunday, August 3, 2008


So life is all crazy and messed up now for many reasons but lets not focus on those. Let's talk about the best part of this coming week...The Olympics start. I love the Olympics. I know that in the off years I don't follow all the sports all the time but still when the Olympics come around I can't help but watch as much as possible. I still remember moving the TV into my bedroom when Salt Lake had the games. I was pregnant with Hy and Josh and I played on the bed and watched the Olympics all day (shhhh, don't tell John). I had to do it because it was SLC but I don't think I will take it that far this year (plus I am not pregnant so I don't feel the need to lie down all the time). Anyway....YEAH, the Olympics are starting and I am going to try and ignore all the implications of China hosting them and just enjoy.


Leah Prince said...

I cut out the schedule from Grandma's paper so I will try to catch some things I like. What will you be watching?

JaNette said...

Oh man, I love that post. I too am an Olympics lover. I'm TIVOing them even if I will never have time to possibly watch it all. The Olympics definatley derserve a post. Plus, the last line is priceless.