Friday, August 15, 2008


I am not happy...stupid Warner Bros!! The new Harry Potter movie was suppose to come out Nov 21st but now Warner Brothers has decided to hold it till next summer because the writer's strike left them without any good movies for next summer. As if the writer's strike wasn't bad enough when The Office went off for most of the season. I dislike the writer's and I dislike the stupid people who didn't just give the writer's their money and I dislike Warner Bros very much right now!! I don't see many movies and this was (key word WAS) the only one I was going to see this year.
I know a lot of you are excited about the Twilight movie. All the YW in my ward are crazy for its release but the books didn't compare to Harry Potter. Maybe now I will try and be excited for the Twilight release since I think we will probably watch for a YW activity.


Corrine said...

sorry i can't commiserate with you I haven't read either series.

i'm gonna go see mamma mia tonight and possibly the doodle bops live next month :)

jet said...


I'm sorry Mel. Maybe Netflix can relieve some of the pain...