Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boulder is expensive...

Why is Boulder so expensive...I am starting to think it is because everything is organic and I am not talking just produce. In Austin you usually had choices but here every cracker, ice cream, chips, soups, cereal, etc are all organic. This is not a bad thing...I am not against organic items but research has shown that they don't really have any more nutrient value so...right now I am kind of leaning towards the less expensive things. However, I do like saving the earth. I still can't afford 7th Gen. diapers and feminine products but other than that we are doing good. It's a hard call between cost and environment. It is so much easier here, even our church activities are completely recycled. Puts Austin to shame but the people in Austin are a lot less crazy!!!!

On the plus side it is also much easier to find stuff without high fructose corn syrup and trans fat. Our new favorite that might be near you...Costco has a new green line that includes dish soap, laundry soap and cleaners. I am still using the Clorox green line for cleaners until I run out but the soaps are really good. Also at Costco, Stretch Island Fruit Leather has mostly replaced our more sugary snacks. It is really cheap at Costco compared to other places. Finally, also at Costco, our Healthy Handful snacks which are completely organic so again no HFCS and trans fats. They are a good substitute for goldfish and other kid crackers.

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