Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Strange Day...the children are finally getting older.

Today has been so strange. Strange in a good way!! John is out of town at a conference (big surprise). Often this can make my days pretty long but not today. It started with me getting up and getting Seth out of his crib at 6:50am. The other boys got up and Josh said, "You can go lay down mom and I'll play with Seth." Yes...the shock was quite overwhelming. So I thought I would just rest for a few minutes but it was like 2 hours. I fell asleep and they woke me back up when Seth was poopy. Obviously they used all their screen time in the morning (but it was worth it) so when I got up we turned everything off. Instead of the constant "I want to watch a movie, I want to play the Wii" we've had a lego/bionicle marathon and only 3 major arguments to break up. Seth slept through the whole BYU game so I got to watch all of that and we made cookies, yogurt, pizza for dinner, cleaned up except the legos and got an awesome gift from our realtor that provided many boxes to play in. It has started to go downhill a little bit but still...after a day like today you realize that your children really are getting older and it doesn't feel like every second is completely overrun with chaos ;)

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jet said...

It is apparent that this post came before your kids got sick... :)