Friday, October 17, 2008

Edward Cullen vs. John Prince

*This is a warning...only read this post if you are really bored

I was talking with a friend about Twilight and she was saying that she doesn't like it because she is so sick of everyone gushing over how romantic and wonderful Edward Cullen is and their husbands are not. I can see how this would get old after awhile and really bother me too. I, on the other hand, always thought John was a lot like Edward and gave her a fun list of the ways they are the same. We had a really fun discussion about how are husbands are like Edward so I thought I would inspire you to think of all the fun ways your husbands are like Edward so we don't have to turn innocent people against Twilight (not that I am a big fan but still...). I should turn this into some kind of tag but I won't...

-He takes really good care of me
-He is very smart and well educated (it seems like he's been in school as long as Edward)
-John has very Roman Godlike features
-John also has rippling muscles like Edward (on many of these answers I am bias but this is just an objective fact...I can give multiple stories to verify this fact if needed)
-John is very fast and strong (for a human)
-John can climb trees really well too

-It would be a lot cheaper if John could just run everywhere really fast and not have to drive like Edward (although Edward likes to drive).
-It would be a lot cheaper if John would just eat wild animals for free...I mean really, John can out eat almost anyone!!
-It would be a lot better if John didn't have to sleep. His education probably wouldn't have taken as long and I have a feeling the house would be a little cleaner.
-It would be better if John couldn't get injured because he is much more like Bella in this area meaning he gets injured all the time!
-John does not have a very good sense of smell.

-He is real!!!
-He is nice and warm to sleep by. A few months ago this would have gone in the above category but now that I am finally somewhere cold I enjoy having John next to me.
-John was smart enough to pick someone less annoying (me) instead of someone super annoying like Bella
-John doesn't drive too fast
-John can produce almost normal children rather than not even close to normal children ;)

I can't think of anymore right now but I'll add some if I can. Just think of poor John when/if he reads this ;)


Marci said...

you make me laugh.

Crazy Mom of Four said...

that is sweet and great. so what did john say to your post?

maybe i need to read the twilight series sometime....its on my list with harry potter...i know how can we even be friends :)

Melissa said...

That's okay Corrine, my own sister hasn't read HP yet...just think of it like the gospel...everyone wants you to read them so bad for your own happiness ;)

Melissa said...

Also...don't be to excited about the Twilight series. It has some major flaws.

Tyson said...

Sara has tried to get me to read Twilight but I've successfully resisted so far. One of these days I may cave, but it hasn't happened yet. Sara was laughing while I was reading your comparisons to her; she liked 'em. And what is wrong with driving fast? Driving fast is okay. Sheesh.

Bruce and Cindy said...

AND - John graduated from a university that is still ranked (#1) in football!

jet said...

John also makes yummy sandwiches and can down way more ice than Edward.

And why would I need to read HP or Twilight when I know John and your kids? ;)

Tonia said...

I remember Ben coming back from some scout trip once and commenting on John being as fit as he was. I pacified him by telling him that John had once watched Sense and Sensibility all the way through. And if Ben ever reads this then he will be very similar to Edward in that he might have to fight off the impulse to kill me. :)