Monday, October 6, 2008

We have been enjoying/downloading some of my favorites from back in the good old days when I used to stay up late and listen to the Dr. Demento show with Tyson. Our favorites are Yoda (of course) and Star Trekkin. I still can't located a copy of "Eat too much" by Guns N' Moses. Here is our favorite YouTube version (careful it is really loud)...I am sure it doesn't take a great imagination to see why the boys are in love with this video.


Flying Princess said...

My son has just figured out youtube (even the spelling) and is finding all kinds of fun lego stuff. He went about a month humming and singing Yoda until the newness and novelty wore off. I love having so much entertainment and creativity available. He now wants to make his own lego movies. I'm not sure we are ready for that.

Oh, and do you guys give lessons on how to use the force? He is really interested in learning himself, he says he has the same lightsaber as you.

Tonia said...

You have the coolest stuff on your blog.

jet said...

Star Trekkin, across the universe!
(On the Starship Enterprise, nder Captain Kirk)
Star Trekkin....

I still reference that song on a monthly basis. Plus the music video has claymation (hee hee).

Do you remember Shaving Cream or Fish Heads?