Friday, October 3, 2008

Why Undefeated is special no matter who you are...

I think Tyson or Blake should write an article (a real article) on why being able to go undefeated in a season should earn you a trip to the championship no matter who you are or what you are ranked (unless there are 3 or more undefeated teams, then the top two should go). USC is a perfect example this year. USC is a great team, an amazing team and they probably deserved their number 1 ranking. They destroyed Ohio (another great team) and it looked like calm waters all the way to the championship....but they didn't make it. Even USC can't go undefeated and this should be a great argument for teams not in BCS conferences. Going undefeated no matter who you play is still an amazing feat. It may be that you don't play many ranked teams but as we saw last week obviously being ranked or not ranked doesn't mean that much when the game gets going. "Undefeated" is still elusive enough whether you are #1 or number #35.

PS - I am going to try and not make a blog of just Harry Potter, The Office and BYU Football but it seems that those things keep creeping in ;) It's that or pictures of the kiddos because I ain't doing anything else that interesting.

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