Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy 8's Tag...

I am a little late but finally getting around to a tag. I delayed a little because I knew that it would be hard to come up with 8 TV shows or restaurants...

8 TV shows I Like
1. The Office
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. King of the Hill
4. Ace of Cakes
5. Iron Chef
6. Cosby Show
7. Cheers
8. MacGyver

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Taco Cabana
2. Thundercloud Subs
3. Village Inn
4. Olive Garden
5. Southside BBQ
6. Chili's (is the new Radisson)
8. Panda Express

8 Things I Did Today
1. Changed diapers
2. Went to the grocery store
3. Saw an old Timpview friend
4. Watched the very sad BYU vs. Utah game
5. Got up way too early
6. Cleaned up
7. Saw family
8. Ate pizza

8 Things I Am Looking Forward Too
1. Moving out of the tiny, tiny apartment
2. Having a dishwasher
3. Having a dryer
4. Having 2 bathrooms
5. John having a job
6. John getting tenure
7. Never moving again
8. Having a yard

8 Things I Love About This Fall
1. Yellow leaves
2. Red leaves
3. Orange leaves
4. Snow
5. Cool, crisp mornings
6. Beautiful weather
7. Actually having a autumn
8. All walking field trips the boys have been able to take

8 Things On My Wish List
1. The cars to make it at least 3-4 more years before dying
2. Nothing else to break that I can't afford to replace
3. Gas prices to stay low
4. A house
5. Lose weight
6. Seth to be potty trained
7. A TV that works when you need it to
8. And also did I mention a HOUSE ;)

I tag Tyson, Sara, Eldon, Patti, Jackie, Erin, Ruth, Heather

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ode to Brian and Janine...

Well, today I had a lot of opportunities to remember our friends Brian and Janine including how to squeeze all the juice out using a fork and a very tasty dessert ;) But the main reason is our Christmas tree. Our apartment is so small that I seriously considered not putting up the Christmas tree because there was so place for it to go or we thought about getting a tiny table tree. Our Christmas tree is not big. It was the cheapest Walmart tree a few years ago and it is shorter than me. Still there was no space for it but then I remembered Brian and Janine. They had a gigantic tree so they could only put up half of it in student house. Well, we only got to put up about 1/3 of our tree because it had to go into a corner next to the bookcase. If I had a camera that worked I would put up a picture, next week maybe.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All in a day's work...

It has been a crazy day. It's "Boys gone wild" at our house. John didn't want to do the dishes so I told John that I would do the dishes if he would do the boys tonight. This meant that I would get to sit in the quiet kitchen doing dishes while John helped Hyrum finish his homework and put Math and Seth to bed. John's exact words were "DEAL!!!" So as I started, John went upstairs to handle the boys. I hear John tell Seth and Math to ask me for help so they are downstairs now wanting snacks. Then John sends down Hyrum to get help with his homework. Now I am helping Hyrum do his homework and getting Math and Seth ready for bed. What is John doing you ask? Well he is upstairs building lego guys for Hyrum...that was his version of "helping with boys" because apparently Hyrum needed "help" with legos. No wonder he said DEAL. After a few minutes I go to the stairs and tell John that he is doing dishes tonight...

DISCLAIMER: In general John is helpful when asked!!

What would we do without Onion News?

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seth likes to wash dishes...

This is true. Seth does like to "try" and wash dishes. One day he INSISTED on washing dishes so I put him up on the sink and let him try it all by himself.

Halloween and Football Madness...

It was a fun weekend. It started with Halloween on Friday. After a Halloween party in the afternoon, Grandpa Snow arrived and we had pizza for dinner. Then we went on a very fast trick-or-treating trip because we already had plenty of candy and weren't really interested in getting more.

Then we were off to Fort Collins for the BYU vs. CSU game. It was really fun and the weather was amazing. Everyone slept on the way there so it was peaceful. We got there and the boys were pretty amazed. The first half went really well. They really liked the band too. In the second half, Seth got pretty jumpy so John and him walked around while we watched most of the third quarter. We had to leave a little early so we didn't get stuck in traffic. We stopped at Sonic! We haven't eaten at Sonic since we left Texas.
We listened to the game on the radio and were very happy BYU was able to win because it didn't look good while we were at the game. However, it was so sad to watch Texas lose...