Thursday, December 4, 2008

Corrine Simonsen

Corrine Simonsen is today. Unlike me, Corrine is a excellent blogger. She also has so many other talents like sewing, cooking and decorating. Corrine is always doing some kind of project and it was often for someone else. One of my favorite things about her was that she could motivate you to do anything and then she would help you with it. She got me to paint my rooms, make curtains and helped me set up my piano! Also, she was always up for doing something whether it was going to Walmart or out to dinner. Corrine made friends so easily and could talk to anyone. She always threw parties and had the best food and Eric was equally as fun!! We lived in the same neighborhood and I miss the carpools, school activities, playgroups, swimming pool and after school fun and just having someone to talk to if you needed it!!


Corrine said...

thank you so much that was just so sweet, and believe it or not very much needed! are so kind! oh my goodness.

Tonia said...

Ahhh....I am still so insanely jealous that I didn't live closer to you guys. I never really hung out with Corrine too much while in Austin but always thought she was soooo talented. Then she started blogging and I decided we really should have been best friends. Frustrating when you figure that out after you both move. Thanks goodness for blogging!