Sunday, December 7, 2008

Janine (and Brian) Price

I often think we should change our name to Price since that is what most people call us. That and Michelle instead of Melissa...anyway, then maybe people would think we were related to the Prices. Also, once they got to know us they would also think we are related to the Prices! I actually went to high school with Janine but we didn't really know each other. However, I changed my memory of high school to include Janine and it makes me think much more fondly of those somewhat terrible years. Janine is generous to a fault! She and Brian have done more for others than anyone else I know. Also, they are some of the funniest people I know including all of my Snow cousins who are very funny. Janine is one of the best people to talk to and ever thing she says always makes sense. I will just list a few highlights of our, desserts, dinners, the boys wrestling Brian, chocolate, Mexican chocolate, mint truffles, desserts again, games again, discussions, Triscuits, political discussions, cactus, desserts and games again again ;) John and I have never beat Janine or Brian (legitimately) in a game and yet we kept playing with them all the time which is proof of how much we love them. All I have left to say is..."Do you really want to hurt me?"


Corrine said...

prices good folks! brian went to school with my little sister in law...and her sister and brian were talking about me on facebook...small world...great people!

Melissa said...

I didn't know really is a small world.

Brian said...

You guys are awesome! We miss you and are still waiting for John to come to his senses, leave the protection of the BYU bubble, and hunt down a job in Winston-Salem. The house next door to ours is for sale. It's meant to be!!!

And, Melissa, your list of Janine's excellencies is great but, as is to be expected, short. That's why I married her.

Corrine, so your sister-in-law is Mandy Rich? I was trying to figure out how Erin knew you.