Friday, January 23, 2009


It has been almost a year since I got a haircut. I have been looking for a black skirt (that fits right) for almost a year. I was so desperate that I made both of these a goal for this year and I was going to get a nice haircut since apparently I only get one once a year. I know, sad right?? Well, I am happy to announce that I was able to fulfill some of my goals while regaining sanity.

Awesome haircut $38
Fabulous black pencil skirt $23
Smashing Pumpkins downloads playing in the car $4.00
New outlook on life - priceless


Melinda said...

This is wonderful!!! I'm looking forward to a pic of you with your fab skirt and haircut!

Corrine said...

got to love those days where you get stuff to make you feel better about yourself.

i was looking at myself in the mirror today and thought, i need melissa around because i so need a makeover and she so knows how to do makeup!

Charly said...

Where are the pics of the new do???

Flying Princess said...

There is nothing like a good-fitting skirt to make a woman feel great!

But I know nothing about the haircut thing since I get mine cut about every two years and usually hate it afterwards.

Model it all and post a picture!

merathon said...

ditto everyone else-- we need a photoshoot of the new haircut while wearing the pencil skirt! and where did you end up finding it?

Tonia said...

Ohhhh, I need an awesome haircut - I think mine are even less than once a year and Ben was just telling me the other day that I needed a good black skirt.