Saturday, February 28, 2009

Due to a debate over the last post...

John said that I should use smelled instead of smelt. He said smelt was wrong but I always use smelt so....of course, a debate ensued until we googled it. This was the best explanation we found to why I would use smelt and John would use smelled. Apparently "smelt" is considered British English and "smelled" is considered American English. There is a lot of verbs that fall in the category and strangely enough I usually use the "t" ending instead of "ed" like John.

The verbs that pattern this way between AE and BE are

Most Americans will agree that at least seven of these nine are regular. I have lived my whole life in either Philadelphia (between New York City and Wash., DC), Seattle, or San Diego. It seems to me that the BE conjugations are most likely to be found in the Southeast ('South'), here and there in the 'Midwest', and in the Rocky Mountains (i.e., cowboy country).

Gotta love the Rockies (and tons and tons of British literature) John is still upset that I would use smelt in my post ;)


The party mentioned in the last post went off very smoothly and was a great success. The family was very suprised and it was wonderful. I managed to get enough cake made for 50 people and it was a smashing success. I was a little worried because we do have a professional cake maker/decorator in the ward so there are some high standards.
Anyway, the point of this post - Seth "helped" a lot today with the cake, especially the frosting. He licked the beaters clean and then got a spoon and kept taking spoonfuls out of the frosting bowl while he was sitting on the counter. He also ate a bunch of cake. All of these activities were very messy so he was wiped off many times. Tonight when we were going to bed I was giving him tons of kisses and guess what....he smelt and tasted like frosting ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It is only noon and already it has been a crazy day. This is a long post so you don't need to read it ;) Also, I love my husband and he has so many amazing qualities but quite frankly after watching him for the last 10 years with callings in the church I am amazed that the Church still functions with men in charge. I must accept that John inherited a little Leonish and therefore married someone who is a little Leahish in her responsibilities and organization.

My day started with someone calling at 7:00am. "Are you Alice?" "No..." "I need Alice." "There is no one here named Alice." "Go get me Alice, I am looking for Alice and I need her." "I am sorry but there is no Alice." "I want her right now. Is this (my phone number)." "Yes, that is the right number but there isn't anyone here named Alice." "I am so and so and Alice is associated with AA and this is the number they have listed for Alice so go get her." "I am sorry but..." "Is this Alice. I know she is there because this is the right number." "I am sorry, this is a family housing apartment for the university." "No it isn't, go get her. Are you Alice. I know this is her." "No, I am sorry..." "Whatever, you know she is there." "No, there isn't anyone here..." "Liar, liar pants on fire!!!" She hangs up. I would like to add that this person wasn't drunk, she was angry and yelling the whole time. My guess is she was calling about someone who was drunk. Yikes...

I went back to sleep for a few minutes while John finished getting ready to leave. The boys had already left for school but I dreamed that he got up with the boys and decided that he didn't feel like getting them ready for school so he just let them stay home. I have this dream about half the time John gets up with the boys. When he left for work he came in a woke me up by sitting on me and singing. I was in the middle of the dream begging him to please drive the kids to school so they won't get in trouble so I awoke quite startled and almost punched him because I was so upset.

I am also planning a huge surprise party for the husband of a less active sister that has physical disabilities so she can't do it. I spent the morning planning on how I was going to finish cake for 35 - 40 people and making a list of everything else that needs to be done. Then the calls for John started coming in. He was suppose to make food assignments for the Blue and Gold banquet tonight! They had not been made of course (see 1st paragraph). I call him to ask what he wants done and he tells me to call everyone back and tell them their assignment. Nice...anyway, Seth is also in the middle of a 30 minute breakdown related to his baby doll stroller breaking. I start fixing the stroller and call everyone back and tell them the food assignments. A few minutes later I get a call from John saying that he is going to redo the food assignments because some people had emailed and said what they would bring. He hadn't bothered to read the emails before calling me because he "its not like I haven't been doing anything...I have been working." realize that this will be the 3rd time I have talked to some of these mothers today. It's all figured out now and at least I don't have to go to the store and get everything which was John's first suggestion for filling the food assignments ;) And John gets upset at me for having dreams about how irresponsible he is....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mistake any AOGG fan can make...

We have been very sick this week and most of us have spent it in bed. No one has been eating because it was a tummy bug so we never had to leave the bed. What do you do with a week like this? Start Anne of Green Gables of course. It is so splendidly wonderful and joyful that it makes being sick feel like a blessing. There is a problem with taking this course though...

On Friday Josh, Math and I were still so sick that we moved the laptop up to my bed and we all watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea all day long. We've been reading the book too. This is dangerous. We hit a perfect storm when Matthew died twice in one day. It was heart breaking and we (I) cried and cried. This mistake should be avoided at all costs! It was comforting to have all the boys around sad and crying with me though. I felt like Anne in the later books when she gathers up all her sweet children.

PS - Has anyone seen Anne of Green Gables A New Beginning? Supposedly they are going to air it here in the US this year but I am a little worried since they messed up the third one so bad and they don't have any of the original people back...

Monday, February 16, 2009

How do you care for the environment...

We are working on Josh's Wolf requirements. One of them is to discuss with your family ways that you can help the environment and show respect for the earth. John asked Hyrum what he can do. "Recycle," was Hyrum's answer. Then John asked Math how he could help the earth. Math's reply, "When I throw-up, I will throw-up into the garbage or sink." This would be a big help!

PS Recently Seth has had some tummy issues that might have inspired this answer ;)


I read somewhere last week that American's throw away 1/4 of the food they buy. That seems almost impossible to believe. The report said that most of it was produce which I guess is more understandable but still...
I am not too happy with the economy, the price of food, ethanol and how expensive Boulder is. My monthly budget has been shot to pieces over the last year. I can't completely blame Boulder because it was getting messed with down in Austin too. Food prices climbed an average of 7% this year with many staples increasing in the double digits. Is anyone else having this problem? It makes me feel like my life is out of control...I just cannot make my food budget as small as I want it. I don't want to spent that much on food...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Missed Christmas Video

Okay, granted this video could occur at any time of the year in our house because we listen to Christmas music throughout the year, I actually took it right before Christmas. I have no explanation for why Matthew is the way he is...we just find him hilarious and leave it at that. Seth's singing as he runs around also adds some flavor ;)

Lester posted by John

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hungry and the Weather

The title of this post might be a little misleading. I am very hungry right now and am dying for some Wavy Lays but I don't have any (on purpose for this exact situation). That, however, is not what I was thinking about.
Weather is a lot like being hungry. When you aren't hungry you don't think about it. You don't go around thinking, "You know...I'm not hungry, I'm feeling nice and full. This is great." But when you are hungry it is all you think about. It is hard to think about anything else. Weather is kind of like that. It has been so incredible this week that I have forgotten about miserable weather. I was reading Meredith's blog today about the snow and then I remember that all over the world millions of people are either suffering in severe cold weather or dreadful hot. I open my windows and think is there any felicity in the world such as this? The air smells so incredible and feels so fresh. I can't imagine that anyone woke up to a day different than mine. Strange how our human nature turns so "naturally" back to a semi-selfish mode.
PS Don't worry, it's going to snow on Sunday so it's not like I'll be in beautiful weather forever.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is amusing

Yesterday Math decided that it was talk like Harry Potter day. He requested that we talk with British accents. Mine, although not authentic, is at least decent. Math's is just funny. I am not sure what part of the UK Math's accent comes from but it is entertaining. This also caused Seth to giggle most of the day. (PS still mad about the delay in the release of the movie!!)

On a totally different I was so exhausted. After hearing my sister-in-law Anne tell me all the funny places she has fallen asleep recently because of exhaustion I decided that maybe I should just try and lie down. I don't recall this ever working before!! Math is in a good mood today so he and Seth just played trains and army men while I fell asleep for a long time. Could it possibly be that I may be able to take naps once or twice a month now?? Amazing!

And long to you think it would take your family to go through 2 lbs of blueberries? Maybe a day or two. Well, ours lasted about 15 minutes yesterday. This is still longer than the 4 lbs of strawberries that only lasted about 10 minutes. On Sat, besides dinner, the boys only ate grapes, blueberries (another bunch), carrots and steamed broccoli. I am not complaining because I am happy that they are all nice and antioxidant rich but it does mean extra trips to the store and extra money ;)

Monday, February 2, 2009


So my sister just put up this video and I am so going to try it! It will beat the pink sponge curlers I used to use before I moved to Texas and cut off all my hair. Here's the LINK to her post.

I'm lame I know...

So, I know y'all might not be Office fans but the opening of this week's episode was soooo incredibly funny everyone should watch it and if you don't laugh at the cat falling through the ceiling then you have problems...


So, Kelly Kapoor is now on Twitter. I am finally tempted to join Twitter...I am so lame!! (not about joining twitter, more about the temptation :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Palo Duro

This is a little funny and should give you an idea of how big Texas really is. We lived in Texas for 7 years. We went to a lot of state parks and saw a lot of

amazing things. We have always wanted to go to Palo Duro canyon. It is up in the panhandle which actually makes it a huge trip from central Texas. Now that we live in Boulder, CO we are actually much closer to Palo Duro canyon than when we lived in Austin, TX. I guess now that we moved to Colorado maybe we will finally get to visit some of the places in Texas we always wanted to go. Maybe we will wait till we move to Utah to go to Big Bend :)