Friday, February 6, 2009

Hungry and the Weather

The title of this post might be a little misleading. I am very hungry right now and am dying for some Wavy Lays but I don't have any (on purpose for this exact situation). That, however, is not what I was thinking about.
Weather is a lot like being hungry. When you aren't hungry you don't think about it. You don't go around thinking, "You know...I'm not hungry, I'm feeling nice and full. This is great." But when you are hungry it is all you think about. It is hard to think about anything else. Weather is kind of like that. It has been so incredible this week that I have forgotten about miserable weather. I was reading Meredith's blog today about the snow and then I remember that all over the world millions of people are either suffering in severe cold weather or dreadful hot. I open my windows and think is there any felicity in the world such as this? The air smells so incredible and feels so fresh. I can't imagine that anyone woke up to a day different than mine. Strange how our human nature turns so "naturally" back to a semi-selfish mode.
PS Don't worry, it's going to snow on Sunday so it's not like I'll be in beautiful weather forever.


Leah Prince said...

tell John to check his gmail account, MOm

merathon said...

yes, a snow day on wednesday, yesterday in the 50s, today in the 60s and tomorrow it's supposed to hit 70! hooray for flip flops in february!