Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lester posted by John

video video


Melissa said...

John said I couldn't comment and tell the truth.......but, when do I ever listen to John? Okay about 85% of the time I listen to him but this will fall in the 15%. The snake is wooden and was given to the boys for Christmas by Jordann :) It won't eat Morris, a big disappointment to many Prince boys I am sure.

Patti said...

I thought it might be fake, but then John was so convincing when he said to the boys, "be gentle." And your boys want to be with it like it's real. My kids will love it!!!!!

jet said...

You let your husband play with snakes? I could understand your kids, but in the hands of John, who knows what could happen! ;)

(and this is Josh typing. Hellllo).


Leah Prince said...

That snake looks real to me, and I figured that the boys finally got a pet.