Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is amusing

Yesterday Math decided that it was talk like Harry Potter day. He requested that we talk with British accents. Mine, although not authentic, is at least decent. Math's is just funny. I am not sure what part of the UK Math's accent comes from but it is entertaining. This also caused Seth to giggle most of the day. (PS still mad about the delay in the release of the movie!!)

On a totally different I was so exhausted. After hearing my sister-in-law Anne tell me all the funny places she has fallen asleep recently because of exhaustion I decided that maybe I should just try and lie down. I don't recall this ever working before!! Math is in a good mood today so he and Seth just played trains and army men while I fell asleep for a long time. Could it possibly be that I may be able to take naps once or twice a month now?? Amazing!

And long to you think it would take your family to go through 2 lbs of blueberries? Maybe a day or two. Well, ours lasted about 15 minutes yesterday. This is still longer than the 4 lbs of strawberries that only lasted about 10 minutes. On Sat, besides dinner, the boys only ate grapes, blueberries (another bunch), carrots and steamed broccoli. I am not complaining because I am happy that they are all nice and antioxidant rich but it does mean extra trips to the store and extra money ;)


McCulloch Family said...

A grocery bill with teenage boys sounds like something to look forward too ;)

Hey, AWESOME on the nap!!!

Raspberry said...

Oh, I love blueberries. We used to have wild ones in our backyard, and I think my mom decided taht it was pointless to have us pick some for her, as they'd all be eaten by the time we got to the back door.

Charly said...

I find that produce and milk NEVER lasts long enough at my house! My kids go through apples and bananas like most kids try to go through candy! You want to complain sometimes...and then you think, well at least they're not eating this many cookies. Haha.

Janine said...

I am sure you will be amazed at what the kids will eat in a few more years. It will make these years look tame!