Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seth: This orange.
Math: No Seth, that spoon is yellow, not orange.
Seth: No! It orange.
Math: Seth, Yellow and Orange are almost the same so I know that you could think the spoon is orange but it is really yellow.
Seth: No, it orange.
Math: Look Seth, see this is all yellowy so that makes it yellow. Orange is very orangey so that makes it orange but it is not yellow. Do you see Seth?
Seth: It yellow.
Math: Good boy Seth.


Patti said...

That's the best!!!! What a little persuader Math is. I love the "Good boy Seth" at the end. Toooo funny, Melissa. I am a sucker for the things kids say. Along the same lines, you would be pleased to hear that when I spoke today, somehow I messed up and the word "virgin" slipped out! I just got tangled up, apparently. I was talking about reactiviation work, it was our RS Sacrament Meeting Presentation. Anyways, it has given me plenty of laughing for today.

Melissa said... can't leave us hanging like that!! We need to know EXACTLY what you said ;)

jet said...

I must admit, my favorite part is:
"it orange." "it yellow." I can hear him saying it! ROFL

Corrine said...

that is too funny!