Sunday, March 29, 2009


I know these things can get a little boring but this blog is also for grandma's for whom things like this never get boring ;)
Seth: I a baby.
Mom: No, you aren't a baby.
Seth: I a baby!!
Mom: Did you know that babies can't talk?
Seth: Baby no talk. I a baby, I don't talk!
Mom: What are you doing right now?
Seth: Talking.


Marisa said...

I love the little conversations you put up here! :D

Raspberry said...

hahah - I thought it was funny!

Tyson said...

Excellent cross-examination and logical reasoning/deduction skills. All your lawyer relatives (I know, there are a lot of them) are proud.

Leah Prince said...

Thank you for all the things that this Grandma loves to see. Its never boring to me. Keep all the conversations coming. And pics, and movie listings etc..

jet said...

LOL. Maybe he just wishes he were a baby so he could sleep more!
Okay, okay, probably not, but I'm sure you've thought about it at least once. ;)

Bruce and Cindy said...

Ditto Leah! Thanks!