Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ah Seth...

Today at church Seth and I were out waiting for our friends to show up. We were going to help them get their children into church since their mother is in a wheelchair. Anyway, Seth was in quite a state...
Seth: Are you mommy?
Me: Yes, are you Seth?
Seth: No, I not Seth. I mommy.
Me: I'm mommy.
Seth: No, I mommy. You Seth.
Me: Okay, I'm Seth and you are mommy. (He smiles) I want a drink, get me a drink. I need water. I want a drink right now.
Seth: Shhhhhhh....quiet (while putting his finger to his mouth)

I think we each played our part perfectly ;)


Marisa said...

haha! :oD Seth is hilarious!

jet said...

Seth funny.
No mommy funny.
No Seth funny.
Love it! :)

Raspberry said...

Seth is so cute.