Monday, June 29, 2009

Can I Get a Hallelujah!!

Weight is not a fun topic for me. It never has been and it never will be. They say that an ideal BMI is 22. For the last few years I have always been a 24 or 25. This is not considered super overweight but still I want to be a size 6 and not 8 or 10 (or the annoying right after pregnancy size 12). But now people...let us rejoice together and eat that last french fry...

"Findings of a new study show that underweight people and those who are extremely obese die earlier than people of normal weight — but those who are only a little overweight actually live longer than people of normal weight. 'It's not surprising that extreme underweight and extreme obesity increase the risk of dying, but it is surprising that carrying a little extra weight may give people a longevity advantage,' said one of the coauthors of the study. 'It may be that a few extra pounds actually protect older people as their health declines, but that doesn't mean that people in the normal weight range should try to put on a few pounds.' The study examined the relationship between body mass index and death among 11,326 adults in Canada over a 12-year period. The study showed that underweight people were 70 percent more likely than people of normal weight to die, and extremely obese people were 36 percent more likely to die. But overweight individuals defined as a body mass index of 25 to 29.9 were 17 percent less likely to die than people of a normal weight defined as a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9. The relative risk for obese people was nearly the same as for people of normal weight. The authors controlled for factors such as age, sex, physical activity, and smoking. 'Overweight may not be the problem we thought it was,' said Dr. David H. Feeny, a senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. 'Overweight was protective.'" is fun to dream but I think I would still rather be a size 6 than live longer ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Scentsy quick look...

Lots of questions on what a scentsy is both online and in person! I thought most of us had all lived around Corrine long enough to know what they were. She had some. They call themselves the wickless candle but really they are like a candle warmer only much better because they melt little blocks of scented wax instead of a whole candle. I really like mine because they make the WHOLE place smell good. Also, their scents are AMAZING!! My sister-in-law's sister-in-law (no, not a mistake) sells them so I am hooked up ;) Little expensive but watch for their closeouts and clearances.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Some of you have been wondering why I haven't been updating too much but I really don't have many pleasant things to say these days ;) However, yesterday the boys were smelling up the house so I turned on my scentsy in my room. The air here in Boulder is AMAZING. It smells like pine and lilac, a very sweet delightful smell. My scentsy had pomegranate smell in it. It was almost out so the smell was very subtle. With the windows open and the scentsy going the room was so refreshing. Spring is beautiful!
Also, I have been feeling the baby move every once in awhile. It is enjoyable when they are so little and don't actually kick ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


*Warning - too many pictures to follow

We have been on vacation to steamy Texas. I have literally been on vacation. I only checked email twice and didn't do any other computer. We started our vacation in Austin. As we drove down the boys asked what happened to all the mountains and I told them they melted. I think they may actually believe me after our trip even though it wasn't that hot for Texas. In Austin we got to see Dan and Melissa, John's parents, Paula and Stephanie with baby Sophie. We also went to the Austin ward and saw all our friends. We spent a morning with the Smith's and it was heartbreaking to leave them again. We took a trip with all the cousins to Inner Space Caverns which was really interesting.

On the way down to the caverns...

After Austin we went up to Arlington and spent a few days at Patti and Scott's house. We got to see Eldon and Stephanie and Sara and Scott's family again also. Um, to say that the cousins were happy to be together would be a large understatement. Patti has 3 boys and 1 girl all around the same ages as our boys. It was cousin heaven. When the Zoggs got there for a day the delight could not have been higher. Sara was thinking of leaving without staying the night. She asked her kids to rank a scale of how important it was to them to stay the night. They all considered it their highest level of importance to stay ;) Our first day we went and fed the most disgusting fish. It ended with a Texas size storm complete with a tornado...

Allison and Seth helping with dinner...

The storm...

Due to the storm we had indoor time...John read to everyone.

The storm ruined the next day outdoor picnic and rock climbing plans with the Zoggs. John and Scott G. built a skim board (inspired by Edd in his youth) to use in the field with the puddles of water. Here are a few of the best wipe outs.

We still had our hotdogs and later that night we did Zoey's and Allison's hair. Allison has curly hair so she got hers straightened and Zoey picked this design off the internet.

The next day we went swimming and played at the park.

Making a whirlpool...

Patti and Seth

Needless to say there were a lot of mosquitoes and fire ants. Hyrum has the least amount of bites. I only counted 10 on one leg which was the lowest number any single leg had ;) The eating was very good and we had a blast. We miss our Austin.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Fun...

This weekend we had John's brother and his wife, John's sister and her husband and 3 kiddos come stay with us. It probably wasn't as fun for them because they had John and I to talk to but we had a blast. Sara and Brittany did most of the dishes which made John ultra happy. We had a pasta and bean filled weekend which is what you would expect if Sara and I are cooking ;) Everything was delicious. We played, walked on the creek path and hiked.

To say that the kids had a fun time would not completely describe their job. Little Seth spent the whole time playing with Zoey. When we asked the boys what their favorite part was Math said it was playing with Zoey. Seth his favorite part was Zoey and Hyrum and Josh said their favorite part was playing with Fields and Walter. Joe and Brittany left first. After they left we spent awhile talking about how great they are. After Scott and Sara left and everyone stopped crying we also spent a long time talking about how great they are.

One cute story...on Sunday morning I went in to check on all the kids who had slept together in Math and Seth's room. They had been up for awhile but they were all sitting on their sleeping bags and Josh was reading to everyone. I asked how they were doing, did they sleep well, etc. They answered fine. I asked if they were ready to come downstairs and eat and get ready for church. They said no, they wanted to stay upstairs and "talk" together for longer.