Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Some of you have been wondering why I haven't been updating too much but I really don't have many pleasant things to say these days ;) However, yesterday the boys were smelling up the house so I turned on my scentsy in my room. The air here in Boulder is AMAZING. It smells like pine and lilac, a very sweet delightful smell. My scentsy had pomegranate smell in it. It was almost out so the smell was very subtle. With the windows open and the scentsy going the room was so refreshing. Spring is beautiful!
Also, I have been feeling the baby move every once in awhile. It is enjoyable when they are so little and don't actually kick ;)


Tonia said...

What is a scentsy?

Raspberry said...

Oh Melissa....I want to stop by and say howdy. Is there a good day for that?

DRP said...

My apartment has not been smelling so good lately since I did the oven cleaner--it really stunk things up. Perhaps I should learn what a scentsy is--do you mind posting a picture?