Friday, July 31, 2009

The Name Game

Lately, talking about names is one of the few joys life has afforded me. I think this is because I really like most names. I was talking with a family that was only here for summer and she wants to name her next baby Atticus for a boy or Kestrel for a girl. I liked them but she said she's met with a LOT of resistance (her baby is due in Sept). My SIL named her boy Fielding and I really loved that name when she picked it. It is so fun. My friend just named her little girl Liesel and I adore it. The point is I am not critical when it comes to names, I like them all. Therefore I find it funny that I have ended up with all Bible/Gospel names.
We never had a goal of naming all our children with Hebrew names. In fact, it wasn't until Math that I even realized that most of the names we liked were more traditional. Once we named Math I did think that we would probably have to stick with the trend on the 4th child. I guess most of us just have some kind of natural tendency towards certain things. My other SIL has 3 boys that all have Celtic names although I have never heard her mention thinking about Celtic origins. I think she just must naturally be drawn to them (that and the double letters).
Our naming process also was never decided but just naturally came about by our personalities. This is how the process goes. John doesn't even start to care till we find out it is a boy. Then he vetoes every name I suggest (including Joshua, Hyrum, Matthew and Seth). After he vetoes literally every name the conversation concludes with his insane suggestions like Melchizedek and Mohonrimoriancomer which he claims are the names he is seriously considering. This happens about once a month because I am not up the challenge more often. I spend the next 4 months thinking to myself and deciding what names I like best. Then we get down to the last 2-3 weeks and John starts to get all concerned. I give him a list of about 10-15 names I like and he is not allowed to removed my top 3 but can add any names he wants. He spends hours looking at names on the internet one night and gets rid of most of my list. The next day we are usually down to about 5 names and then we just wait till the baby is born :) John rarely adds to the list.
For Josh our top names were Josh, Sam and Bryce. For Hy our names were Hy and Henry and Max (I wanted Max but John wouldn't go for it) . For Math our names were Heber, Henry and Sam. Math was not at the top of the list but we had talked about it and it was in top 5. When he came out even thought it wasn't what we thought we knew it was the name for him. For Seth we liked Jeremiah and Henry but really the weeks leading up to Seth's birth were so crazy that we didn't narrow anything down. We had some others but we didn't really have one that we liked at all. In fact, John got his appendix out 5 days before he was born so we went to the hospital totally frazzled and with no name (first time that has happened) He was by far the hardest to name and we just never felt like we had the right name until we called him Seth and then I knew! So where are we now? Jeremiah will remain on the list for sure. Lately I have been liking Peter and James and Nathan and Samuel. I think we have to go with a Bible/Church name this time but if I like another name better I won't let that stop me! I like Dallan even though John has a brother named that.

It is just fun to think about. I don't really use to many baby name sites but over the years these are my favorite. We found namevoyager with Hyrum and trust me it was really primitive back then. It didn't have any of the extra stuff it has now.
And who wouldn't like the Utah Baby Namer. Some of these names are so hilarious. I love Jordon River, Ziona, Tabernacle, and Iron Rod. There are so many good ones especially all the ones that start with "La"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Risk Takers

When you look at the votes between boy and girl you realize that we know a lot of "risk takers." The votes for a girl were almost double that of a boy. Smart money would have been to go with the boy but then miracles do happen. The girl that did the ultrasound said that she saw the gender early but didn't tell us her suspicions because she wasn't 100% sure and didn't want to make a mistake in our case :) During the ultrasound the baby did 2 complete flips (which should give you a clue) and never held still enough for her to get a good head reading. However, amid all the flips we were able to find out what we are having. I hope y'all invested more conservatively in the stock market than you did in our voting poll or else you don't have any money left now. Welcome to our basketball team...all 5 of them.
AAAAAHHHH...could life be anymore crazy :)
Tonia (aka Ishmael) looks like we are still on for the second coming. Wow...this is a lot of missions to worry about but at least technically we don't have any weddings to worry about. I pulled out all the baby clothes (0-12 months) that I was able to save from Texas. I saved everything that could be used again and it amounts to 1 newborn outfit, 2 three month outfits and 2 six month outfits. Even though I can't get too much at least I will be able to get new things which I haven't done since Hy and Josh plus I have a whole half year to to fill completely. A shopping I will go...a little something to look forward to since I won't be pink shopping. Stay away from white, that is my motto for my family.I guess I don't have anyone to share a bathroom with yet :) The only real variable in this it possible that this little boy could look any different from the others??? Also name suggestions are being accepted as we have dismissed most boy names already...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello Random Post

I got my first pedicure ever today. Ahhh...wonderful. I wish I could go all the time but I am hoping that I can at least get one more before the end of this pregnancy. Budget constraints might not allow for it but we'll see :) I have my ultrasound soon and I am very nervous because they gave me a choice between doing it about 2 weeks ago or doing it next week and a little voice inside my head said I should do it later because it is easier to see developmental problems. I am concerned this means that they are going to find a problem (oh pregnancy is always stressful but it will probably be just fine). I feel like it is a boy and John is pretty sure it is a girl. So far I have been right 4 times and John has been right three times. He thought Math would be a girl. You can vote on the side if you want and then feel superior when you guessed it correct. Wouldn't it be nice if I could fix up little surprises for everyone who guessed right...not going to happen but maybe I should just buy the baby a new outfit for every right vote. Of course, I have no baby boy clothes left because they are ALL worn out and absolutely no girl clothes so the baby will have a lot of new stuff no matter what it is. I still have tons of blankets though ;) Mmmmm...the restaurants outside my window smell soooo good. I wish they would come feed me for really cheap. I wonder if I should try and wear heavy clothes to my appointment on Mon so the doctor will think I have gained weight. Private blogs are hard for me to remember to read. They don't pop up on google reader so I forget occasionally. I need an attitude adjustment on life or perhaps just anti-depressants :) The next Harry Potter movie isn't going to be out until Nov 2010...even LOTR released every year. I need the weather to cool off because even though it is only around 80-85 degrees I am still hot. How did I live through 3 Texas summer pregnancies? Love to all you sweet ladies in Texas pregnant right now. Some of the days next week are only suppose to be in the 60's so that should be better. I made a Texas sheet cake the other day out of desperation for anything that sounded good. It was very delicious but took all the energy I had. I only managed to get down one piece but everyone else has been happy eating it. Maybe I'll go have some now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogging slow down

It seems like summer is a natural blogging slow down. Vacation, sharing the computer more, some of us are here is a quick update....

I am half way done today!
I only have about 3-4 more weeks till perfect weather returns and the leaves start changing.
I was informed that an ingredient was just another name for MSG (MSG has lots of names). I was very depressed because it is in EVERYTHING so I finally looked it up and found out that it actually isn't MSG and it isn't even really bad for you. heart was very worried.
Seth: (while leaning back off my sister's lap) Look, I upside down. (After sitting back up) Now I upside up.
Hy: I want you to have 10,000 babies.
Me: What? Who is going to feed all those babies? Are you going to hold 10,000 bottles?
Hy: Okay, let's just have one and you feed it.

I am only half way done today.
There is no one to feed me what I want to eat.
Getting the boys ready for school
I am already feeling uncomfortable and I am just going to get bigger
BYU vs. OU game
Lack of sleep
Lack of a desire to continue to live
Feed me!
Lab results

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do you smell fear...

So I have a lot of things that are depressing me right now. Pregnancy, the never ending money crunch, the credit crunch not lightening in time to buy a house, the over all economy, serious lack of sufficient retirement savings, lack of sleep, lack of good food, interest rates rising, the government in general, get the idea...
These are all stressful but what do I really dread the most (besides pregnancy)? What has hung a little black rain cloud over all of my spring and summer? It's the BYU vs. OU game.

How can anyone be happy knowing that in two months we could be watching a horrific blue blood bath? I know that OU along with Bradford are way overrated but that still doesn't change the fact that they are a good team and us not so much. We have a good history of upsets against amazing teams but this year I haven't been able to summon any faith. I've tried to dream beautiful dreams of the future based on the amazing recruiting success of this year but the future is clouded with the present looming OU. I dislike OU, ever since the 80's and their stupid sooner wagon. Dislike, dislike, dislike them (John says I can't say hate) which is why I make such an excellent Texas fan.
What if Texas loses to OU also? This could be the worst football season ever... That game could send me into early labor. What if that little dork Bradford gets the Heisman again? This could be SOOOOOOOOOO bad!
People, don't let your happiness depend on college football!! Escape while there is still time.