Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogging slow down

It seems like summer is a natural blogging slow down. Vacation, sharing the computer more, some of us are here is a quick update....

I am half way done today!
I only have about 3-4 more weeks till perfect weather returns and the leaves start changing.
I was informed that an ingredient was just another name for MSG (MSG has lots of names). I was very depressed because it is in EVERYTHING so I finally looked it up and found out that it actually isn't MSG and it isn't even really bad for you. heart was very worried.
Seth: (while leaning back off my sister's lap) Look, I upside down. (After sitting back up) Now I upside up.
Hy: I want you to have 10,000 babies.
Me: What? Who is going to feed all those babies? Are you going to hold 10,000 bottles?
Hy: Okay, let's just have one and you feed it.

I am only half way done today.
There is no one to feed me what I want to eat.
Getting the boys ready for school
I am already feeling uncomfortable and I am just going to get bigger
BYU vs. OU game
Lack of sleep
Lack of a desire to continue to live
Feed me!
Lab results


Raspberry said...

What do you want to eat?! I can help!
And Hyrum...yes, it's coming....and maybe YOU can hold the bottle. :)

Adrienne said...

I would feed you too! I'm just too far away. Hang in there!

Melinda said...

Glad the good weather is so close!!! Stinks about food probs.

Tonia said...

Why did you go to the lab and what were the results? How was Utah? (Have you gone yet?) Is John home? Tell that boy to start feeding ya! And how come you only have 3-4 weeks until good weather when us Texans have probably 6 or more?

Melissa said...

They weren't pregnancy labs, it is for breast/ovarian cancer (to see if I carry the gene that basically ensures you get cancer) and I think you have more like 3 months before you see weather like what I will see in 3 weeks ;)

Corrine said...

wish i could feed you, I could meet you half way, you're not too far from us? I could bring you a rack of ribs or something? brisket? We have great soft serve....

so do you know what you are having? what labs are you waiting for?

Did I see you were here or coming here? I will feed you if you come :) and visit me :)

heres to just a few more weeks of summer!

MZP said...

hey, i'm finally figuring out google reader and the blogging world... are you finding out what the baby is? if so, when?

jet said...

Oh Hyrum, good thing you set him upside up! ;)

Marci said...

don't think about the byu vs. ou game... its going to be nasty. we are planning on just watching the highlights that night on ESPN (the 30 seconds of shame is about all we can handle). But here is to just a few more weeks until football season and yummy football food.