Friday, July 31, 2009

The Name Game

Lately, talking about names is one of the few joys life has afforded me. I think this is because I really like most names. I was talking with a family that was only here for summer and she wants to name her next baby Atticus for a boy or Kestrel for a girl. I liked them but she said she's met with a LOT of resistance (her baby is due in Sept). My SIL named her boy Fielding and I really loved that name when she picked it. It is so fun. My friend just named her little girl Liesel and I adore it. The point is I am not critical when it comes to names, I like them all. Therefore I find it funny that I have ended up with all Bible/Gospel names.
We never had a goal of naming all our children with Hebrew names. In fact, it wasn't until Math that I even realized that most of the names we liked were more traditional. Once we named Math I did think that we would probably have to stick with the trend on the 4th child. I guess most of us just have some kind of natural tendency towards certain things. My other SIL has 3 boys that all have Celtic names although I have never heard her mention thinking about Celtic origins. I think she just must naturally be drawn to them (that and the double letters).
Our naming process also was never decided but just naturally came about by our personalities. This is how the process goes. John doesn't even start to care till we find out it is a boy. Then he vetoes every name I suggest (including Joshua, Hyrum, Matthew and Seth). After he vetoes literally every name the conversation concludes with his insane suggestions like Melchizedek and Mohonrimoriancomer which he claims are the names he is seriously considering. This happens about once a month because I am not up the challenge more often. I spend the next 4 months thinking to myself and deciding what names I like best. Then we get down to the last 2-3 weeks and John starts to get all concerned. I give him a list of about 10-15 names I like and he is not allowed to removed my top 3 but can add any names he wants. He spends hours looking at names on the internet one night and gets rid of most of my list. The next day we are usually down to about 5 names and then we just wait till the baby is born :) John rarely adds to the list.
For Josh our top names were Josh, Sam and Bryce. For Hy our names were Hy and Henry and Max (I wanted Max but John wouldn't go for it) . For Math our names were Heber, Henry and Sam. Math was not at the top of the list but we had talked about it and it was in top 5. When he came out even thought it wasn't what we thought we knew it was the name for him. For Seth we liked Jeremiah and Henry but really the weeks leading up to Seth's birth were so crazy that we didn't narrow anything down. We had some others but we didn't really have one that we liked at all. In fact, John got his appendix out 5 days before he was born so we went to the hospital totally frazzled and with no name (first time that has happened) He was by far the hardest to name and we just never felt like we had the right name until we called him Seth and then I knew! So where are we now? Jeremiah will remain on the list for sure. Lately I have been liking Peter and James and Nathan and Samuel. I think we have to go with a Bible/Church name this time but if I like another name better I won't let that stop me! I like Dallan even though John has a brother named that.

It is just fun to think about. I don't really use to many baby name sites but over the years these are my favorite. We found namevoyager with Hyrum and trust me it was really primitive back then. It didn't have any of the extra stuff it has now.
And who wouldn't like the Utah Baby Namer. Some of these names are so hilarious. I love Jordon River, Ziona, Tabernacle, and Iron Rod. There are so many good ones especially all the ones that start with "La"


Raspberry said...

Ahhh....and you could crazy with normal names, you know. I just read a book where James was Jaymes, and Rodney was Rodknee. I'm not kidding, I laughed SO hard.

Bruce and Cindy said...

Maybe you could combine Tyson, Brant, Bruce, Brent, and Brad to get "Bryson." Tys said you can combine Tyson and Brant to get "Tyrant!"

Krinn said...

My top name for the one that eventually became Brigham was Samuel--since it made an appearance on all your other lists and because it is one of my all time favs, my vote is for Samuel. :)

EGP said...

What about leave the Bible names alone and go for a little more descriptive of a name? Nicknames are in parentheses.

Chiral (Chi) - if he looks similar to the others, but a little different (kind of like the difference between your left and right hand)
Synonymous (Sy) - if he looks exactly like the others
Polymorphic (Morph) - if he looks completely different from the others

Tonia said...

I was laughing when I read this. Ben does the same thing every time we have to pick out names. (Picking out crazy ones until the end). In the end we end up switching off on who picks the first name and who picks the second with vetoing power on anything the other one really hates. (Well, except Abbey - I still am not in love with her middle name - if we ever have another it really should be a boy cause we are out of girl's names!)

Tonia said...

Okay, I'm commenting again. It was fun to go to baby name site - haven't been there in awhile.
Growing up I knew a boy named Steele which I thought was cool (but not Hebrew). My BIL's middle name is Wolf which I always liked. Of course my favorite in Benjamin (right hand of God) ;) If we ever have a boy I'm voting for James Mathew (I knew we had similar tastes ;) I also like the name Ryan although it is Celtic. I also like Colin although Ben is vetoing that on account of my getting it from Colin Firth (sigh). Anyhow, before I keep rambling I think you should name him James and call him Jim from time to time. You can tell him he was named after James Talmadge.

Sara said...

For some reason, I like Biblical names, too. I think if I were you, I'd go with either Samuel or Jeremiah. :)