Friday, August 28, 2009

School Sum Up

This is more of a "grandparent" sort of entry and I really mean that so you might want to consider skipping it...a quick sum up of our first week of school.
Joshua - in the first 5 days of school Joshua received 3 letters home telling us what respectful, hard worker he was (this, of course, is wonderful but Josh does have a tendency to let it go to his head). His standardized tests scores came this week and he is considered Advanced in every subject. This is not a big surprise although I think he has some personal weaknesses they definitely aren't in school so far ;)
Hyrum - his reading improved over summer but he is still struggling with speech related delays :) Both his teacher and student-teacher said he was the sweetest, most kind student they had in the class and proclaimed him a delight to teach (HA...we'll give this a few more weeks). Joshua's 3rd grade teacher is now working with the 2nd graders and also went on about how polite and generous both boys are.
Math - managed to get lost once but I went into the school and found him. He had gone to the wrong place instead of coming out to be picked up. He was a little nervous and proclaimed that his "teacher had left him," not that he had gone the wrong way :) He is delighted that he got to get a library book and homework. He wants to be just like Josh and Hy.
Seth - has spent the last few mornings playing with all the toys he is usually forbidden by his brothers to play with.

On a side note...Holly, Josh's 3rd grade teacher, has always scared me. She even scares John. She is direct and intimidating and scary but after a year with Josh and now working with Hy, she apparently loves us. Last night she came up and gave me a big hug and told me how excited she was that we were having another boy. My due date is her birthday and she was sad we couldn't name it after her but when I told her our top name right now she got tears in her eyes and said that her great-grandfather, grandfather, father, brother and nephew had all been named that. She said if we use that name then she will feel like a little part of her is with us. pressure. I just wish I could describe how frightened I used to be of her :) Life is funny...


Corrine said...

glad they had a good week! you do have very great boys...and glad Seth is getting to play with all the forbidden toys :)

Bruce and Cindy said...

- and you knew Cindra Lipke-Benn (Tyson's teacher at Seoul International). Surely, no one is as frightening as she!!!

Bruce and Cindy said...

Oh, and GRANDMA loved the report! Keep it up!

Leah Prince said...

I read all the school entries. And the others on names. The boys are doing so well and we are so proud of them. I love that Math got lost, rather, the teacher left him. That type thing runs in the family. (Joe especially). I like your name choices. I had a little boy in Primary named Elijah and they called him Eli. It was cute on him. Well, hang on, yes, we are more tired in our 30's when expecting..

Hilary said...

I think sometimes teachers have a weird way of distancing themselves from kids (trying to define the teacher/student relationship)... and we take that as they don't like us -- when apparently you all were best friends. :)
who knew?