Friday, August 28, 2009

Shoe Fun

It is delightful that Chaco has finally started making real shoes just in time for my move to colder weather. They have a lot of different ones now. I really like a lot of different sport sandals like Keen and Merrell and Teva, etc but the Chaco sandals have always just been amazing for me. They fit my feet so I was happy to find the Chaco Jane on a closeout at the end of summer for an amazing price (because they really are too expensive). They are more sporty but I am hoping that when my feet swell they will pass for Church so I have something comfortable to wear. What do you think?

Also, I have been reading Born to Run, which is mostly about this tribe in Mexico that run huge races on rocky terrain barefoot. Obviously the book is a little more extensive than that but I haven't finished it yet...anyway, part of my running problem has always been that my feet go numb and when I had metatarsalgia about a year after Seth was born the pain was excruciating so it is interesting to see what other people do. John is obsessed with going barefoot. He says he is preparing for the second coming when we all have to walk to Missouri and since human kind has fallen there will be no shoes. He wants his feet to be ready. I had read about these "shoes" (Vibram Fivefinger) and, of course, thought of John. I saw my cousin got a pair the other day and is suppose to post a review sometime. Has anyone else used them? I wonder if they are like going barefoot and really that amazing. They are definitely amazingly ugly!


Raspberry said...

I am absolutely anal about wearing socks. Constantly. Tell John what he really should be doing is following the prophet's advice and putting aside food storage...or should I say foot storage? :)

Hope you're doing alright. Please call me if you need Seth to be gone for an afternoon.

Tonia said...

I lost my chacos on our last trip to Utah in July. My life has not been the same since. If you find a great deal again let me know! I would love to find ones I could wear to church (hmmm, maybe with a really long skirt? ;)

Anne said...

Those "barefoot shoes" are so ugly!!! I think the chacos are pretty cute and I think you should wear them every week to church!

Glad the boys are doing well in school! They are so cute! We sure miss them! Andrew asked the other day if we'd ever get to see your family again. I think he misses the boys.

Enjoy the crazy life! :)

MZP said...

funny, i have never liked chacos, but it really does seem like they are making more cute shoes lately. i just got my first pair because i heard they were really good for people with foot problems (because of the good footbed). i have to admit i'm a convert.

those are super cute! good find! what would be really funny is to wear the "barefoot" ones to church! ha!!

Melissa said...

Tonia...your hipthongs were such a cute print and they were free :( Maybe now that Ben has a job it won't be as painful to shell out money for some other ones.

Adrienne said...

I love those--I need some! I didn't know that you had that problem with your foot. I'm hoping my foot issue will heal quickly so I can start running again! I'm not sure about the barefoot thing. I've seen a few people in the races I've done do the full marathon barefoot and I just couldn't believe it! I've read a little bit about it but I'm not sure that would be the right thing for me!