Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Thinking of names is a lot of fun but is a little sad to see that some names have gone by the wayside. Some of these old names I really like but they haven't been used since the early 1900's ;)

Linus (one of my favorite)
Bartholomew (although Bart has been mildly popular for awhile)
Abram (which is currently enjoying a come back)
Hiram or Hosea
Harry (even Harry Potter hasn't been able to bring this one completely back to life)
Matthias (I was very tempted to name Math this instead, also enjoying a major comeback)
Jedidiah (totally gone now although popular a few decades ago)

Then there are a few like Tobias which was gone for decades and decades but in the last 10 years has been much more popular. I really like all of these! What old names do you like? Linus isn't going to fly with John but I hope it is popular again someday.


The Thorley Family said...

I actually have a little nephew named Jedediah - they call him Jud for short :)

MZP said...

i love george and henry ;) but one i think is so cute is oliver.

Raspberry said...

I'm such a brain case. I clicked on this thinking it was a different friend and thought, "Is she pregnant or something?" uh...yeah.
Jedidiah sounds like a backwoods redneck who can't get his vowels right. Sorry. I knew a Jed.

Tyson said...

Jedidiah Springfield founded the town that the Simpsons live in.

It seems like Harrold (Harry) shows up every once in a while.

Matthias is an excellent name. The lead singer of Relient K is named Matt Thiessan; for some odd reason, his name reminds of of Mathias.

I like Shiloh and Jadon too (both are Biblical names)

Sara said...

I really like odd-sounding ancient names like Nichodemus and Mordecai and Vincent. Go figure. :)

I also like Linus and William and Harry.

You should bring these names back, Melissa! Just do it!

katharine said...

i kinda like Elliot and Emmett

Corrine said...

i went to school with a tobias...and ephraim I always thought Dick was a horrible name, but have always liked the name sally...which i think is one of those names that may never come back.

Bruce and Cindy said...

I've always liked the name Shadrack. But it goes better with "Snow" than with "Prince." Please don't use Meshack or Abednego!