Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brotherly Love

On the way home from Costco today Math and Seth were having a hard time getting along in the van. After trying a few different approaches with them they were still disagreeing. I then reminded them that they will probably only get to sit by each other 2-3 more times before Math has to move to the back of the van to make way for the baby and they should not argue since they will soon be parted. My loving Seth turned to Math and said, "You have to move...See ya meany."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Around the House...

The other night Josh told me that when we move he doesn't care how many brothers he has to share a room with but he HAS TO HAVE his own bathroom. You know you have a problem when a 9 year old boy is worried about having his own bathroom. I admit it is bad with all 6 of us and a tiny, tiny bathroom. I feel the same way!

This story is too funny to pass up...John's building had another fire so he got to come home a little early on Monday. He and the boys decided to finish the bionic eye treasure hunt. I blogged about the bionic eye last Christmas when we received it from my brother and sister-in-law. Anyway, they got really into it and were having a fun time but started complaining about being ready for dinner. Quickly Seth and I got dinner all ready and put it on the table. Everyone came and sat down except John who was still glued to the bionic eye. This is normal, often John has "just one more thing" to finish before he comes to the table so no one thought anything of it. We said the prayer and everyone ate dinner. We then had a round of tangerines (who doesn't want tangerines this time of year?) The boys finished, put their plates in the kitchen and went and sat back down with John to finish up the treasure hunt. It is important to this story to note that the TV and table are (I counted today) only 5 steps away from each other. While we ate dinner John was literally about 5-6 feet away from us. They finished the treasure hunt and wanted to keep doing some other pictures on the map with the eye. John told them they couldn't because it was time to fix dinner and eat. Hyrum said, "I'm not hungry" and Josh explained they had already eaten. John refused to believe them. He said they had been sitting there the whole time with him doing the treasure map. Josh and Hyrum persisted saying mom and had already given them dinner. John getting a little frustrated said he knew they were having a lot of fun but that they had to stop and get dinner. Josh went and got his plate and showed John. Hyrum started laughing and showed John all the tangerine peels. Then they both started laughing at John when he went into the kitchen and saw what was left of dinner fixed up for him. It still took John awhile before he believed that we had all sat down and had dinner and he hadn't even noticed the boys had left the floor. Eventually he ate his dinner while we spent the next 10 minutes giggling. As the boys poked a little fun at him later he still had a hard time believing us. He is still convinced the boys never left his side. I think the take home message is that John has an AMAZING ability to focus his mind :) This is why he is so successful at both problem solving difficult experiments, data analysis, programming situations, etc and being so very entertaining to the normal public at the same time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Moon

I am sorry to report that I am not a Twilight fanatic. I have tried but it just didn't work. I do like the books (except Breaking Dawn) and I do think they have potential to make good movies. Twilight was a lot better than I was expecting but they just don't get me as excited as the Harry Potter or Bourne movies ;) However, I am lucky enough to be 1st counselor in Young Women's so I spend A LOT of time talking about Twilight. I know more about these movies/books and the people in them than the average fan. There have been many conversations in the past month dedicated to how/when and with whom everyone is going to see New Moon. I personally hope I can't go with the YW to see it because that means this baby is still in my stomach. tribute to New Moon which will be released in a week, I give you the best clip of "Robert Pattinson is Bothered." I discovered these one night watching The Office online. I also recommend Fallon's Real Housewives of Late Night very highly. It is really all the spells that make this so funny!! Warning - This clip bleeps stuff but they do use some bleeped words and some inappropriate words just in case you don't want to hear bleeps...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - Trailer and Photos

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - Trailer and Photos

Bad Combination

So what really upsets OBGYN doctors? Losing weight when you are 36 weeks pregnant. I have never had a huge weight gain, usually between 15-20 lbs but I have never lost weight past 30 weeks so this is a first even for me. (I would like to note that I haven't been a big weight loser either so it evens out) However, I had been really sick and in tons of pain. I don't feel like eating! I also pointed out that I wasn't super thin in begin with...I had a little extra weight to play with. The doctor said I wasn't big enough to justify not gaining 20 lbs and gave me strict instructions not to lose weight.

Hmmm...Food, Inc was just released on video and I have been waiting for it. It was really good. For people who aren't super concerned about the organic movement you can just ignore the rhetoric and it is still good because the major focus of the film is on politics, regulation of the industry, and monopolies. Obviously, there is going to be a slant towards sustainability, organics, etc which I am in support of when done in a rational manner but I really found the politics of the food industry shocking. SHOCKING! For me the best parts are the interviews with the one actual free range farmer and the head of Stonyfield. It was refreshing to see a crazy hippie (head of Stonyfield) acting rationally and actually benefiting the population.

Anyway, guess how much I feel like eating now...that's I have mostly only been able to get down Propel. I am nauseated, in pain, too tired to fix food and now I am so annoyed I don't want to eat any of it anyway :) Don't worry, I am still eating (I live in Boulder so everything is organic anyway) but I am thinking my appointment next week isn't going to go very well...

I posted the trailer if you are interested...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ring around border, we have a sleeping disorder...narcolepsy, narcolepsy....we all fall down!*

*present Prince version of Ring around the Rosies. Currently there is no treatment for this version but our top scientists J and J Prince are working to help the situation. Unfortunately, we expect the upcoming Prince family addition to suffer severely from this version also.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Many heard on the news about our amazing storm! As requested...too many pictures! The total snow fall I saw on the news was 28 inches and it snowed for more than 50 continuous hours in the metro area. Two days cancelled school, two days of sledding, two days of hot chocolate and oreos....

A lot of trees couldn't take the stress....

Looking up at 2 feet of snow that could fall on you :)
When you are only three feet tall sometimes two feet of snow can become a challenge but that didn't stop him one bit!

Off to go sledding/tubing....

It really was a winter wonderland. John and I walked around a bit one night just to take in how amazing it was!!

John's bike...

Yes, it was deep...
This was the afternoon of the first day right as the snow reached a foot.

Halloween, Halloween...Trick or Treat

It was a Star Wars year for us and everyone was very happy!