Sunday, December 13, 2009

Could I be any cuter?

Some more pictures...


I know I should post some pictures of Sam (and I will do that next) but I have some issues that need to be cleared up. What is with the Heisman people? They have serious problems. First, they skip Vince Young. This is at least understandable. Reggie Bush was a good choice. It was a close call. Then they give it to Bradford (wimp). But this year...really? Colt has put up numbers that beat every other quarterback in the history of football. Let's review...

NCAA Highest Single Season Completion percentage
NCAA Highest Career Completion percentage
NCAA Most Wins by a Starting Quarterback

Not to mention that he broke pretty much every single record at the Univ of Texas. of the best quarterbacks in the history of football, the best quarterback ever at UT - one of the best football programs in history of football....hmmmm....and you give it to Alabama? True, they are a good team with a good season but really is Ingram better than Colt? It seems more like since Colt had tight games at the end of the season and Ingram had big games at the end of the season he gets the award. Stupid...Further proof that the Heisman is messed up is that Colt finished 3rd behind the Stanford kid showing again that big games at the end of a season out weigh an amazing overall season and career. As final proof I offer this...Ingram lost to Utah. He lost to Utah, not so Heisman-like during that game eh...
National Championship here we come!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam, Happy Birthday Jet...

I am a little slow posting and still haven't gotten most of the pictures off the camera. For some reason life didn't really want to stop and give me time.

Samuel Arthur Prince was born on Dec 1st which also happens to be my sister Jet's birthday. Born exactly 28 years apart ;). He was 7 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. He has a lot of hair but not quite as much as his brothers and pretty much looks exactly the same. Since most of you have seen one of our newborns then you know he is just another precious carbon copy ;) That's how we like to do it. As Seth said when he saw the pictures, "Hey, that's me."

At around 2:00am I couldn't really sleep so I got up and went to the bathroom. As I got back into bed I felt a small gush. I wasn't really sure but by the time I got back to the bathroom it was very clear that my water had broken. I was tempted to wake up John but then I remembered that it probably wouldn't be wise till I was ready (explanation later). I figured I'd wait for regular contractions and a decent hour of the morning. I got all ready and drank some juice. Just before 3:00 John woke up, he has had a cold and was coughing. He saw me all dressed and packed so I couldn't really lie to him and the panic I remembered ensued. "Let's go, we have to go now." "No, I am not even having real contractions. There is plenty of time. It's not a big deal." "Yes, I am taking you now!" Etc...arguments about people we knew whose water broke at the library, zoo and a dinner party who didn't go to the hospital within 10 minutes. They are just going to make me wait at the hospital for awhile for contractions anyway...hmmm. We finally compromised on me going to the hospital (it is very close to the apartment, just a few blocks) and John getting everything cleaned up, breakfast ready and the boy's clothes and bags ready for school. Then if I still wasn't in "labor" he would wait for a decent hour to call our neighbor. Anyway, John got to the hospital just after 5:00 and we waited till past 8:00am to see what would happen. I was having some nice good contractions but they weren't consistent. I was half way dilated, baby was already at 1+ station and pretty much effaced so we added a little pitocin and an epidural. Three hours later with very little pushing, Sam arrived at 11:47am. We are very happy and other than no sleep everything is going well ;) More pictures to arrive soon ;)