Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visiting - the future years ;)

As our time is quickly winding down in Boulder, we are excited to go to Provo. We may have a new date of arrival but we won't know till next week (I'll keep you posted) but we have been thinking of reasons why you should visit us. Maybe it won't be this year or next year but keep us in mind because eventually almost everyone makes a trip to Provo and we love to see old friends!! Plus we will have the room for you! Here are some good reasons...

*You are related to us - you have to visit then and don't think just cause you are also related to other people in Utah you are going to escape visiting us!
*You have a son or daughter going into the MTC (it's coming faster than you think).
*You have a son or daughter going to BYU or at BYU and you want to come see them cheap.
*You have family in Utah but not Provo. You are visiting and maybe you went to BYU and want to go visit campus but need a place to nap kiddos...
*You have family in Provo but everyone in your family has a truckload of kids so when you get together you are trying to cram 40 people into a house. Come sleep at our house.
*You want to go skiing. We are only about 1 - 1 1/2 hours from all of the SLC skiing and there is Sundance close by.
*Some one in your family is getting married in Provo or SLC? Who's going to watch your kiddos while you are in the temple? Hmmm.....
*You want to go to Women's Conference or Education Week, cut out the cost of a hotel!
*You want to go to General Conference or a mission reunion or high school reunion.
*You are going somewhere up North like Idaho or Yellowstone. Stop at our house for a night. It's free!
*You are going somewhere south like the Grand Canyon or Bryce. Again, it's free.
*You just need a vacation and it sounds like fun (we are fun :)
*Road trip anyone
*You are in the area and want to take the kids out to play...we can meet at a park or you are visiting without kids...let's do lunch.
*You want to go to a football game (who wouldn't)...come stay for a weekend.
*And lastly, the most important reason is of course because you love us (we love you too!!)

If you fall into any of these categories then we expect to see you in the next 10-15 years if not sooner :)

Hyrum and the Gospel

A few good ones from Hyrum today...
"Heaven is a sacred place, it is like a jungle."
"Seth, you came from God so you have to believe in him."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Eggs

One of my favorite little stories from when I was little is about my brother Tyson. One afternoon my mother asked us what we wanted for lunch. I replied, "I want a grilled cheese sandwich." To which my brother replied, "I want a boyed cheese sandwich." He thought I had said "girled" cheese sandwich.

Today John went to visit someone in the hospital and agreed to make eggs for anyone who came with him. Math and Seth went. On the way home John asked the boys if they were ready for eggs. Math said he wanted fried eggs. Seth then answered that he didn't want "fried eggs" but he wanted "sunned eggs." Today is Sunday, not Friday he had reasoned :) Too cute.

John also had to take Seth out from Sacrament today because the temptation of making noise with his BFF Cameron was too much. After a bit John asked Seth, "Are you ready to be a good boy?" Seth replied, "No! I want to be an evil boy." That's our Seth...

Friday, January 15, 2010



For Christmas John and I bought a house :) Since BYU hired John almost 3 years ago we have known we were going back to Provo and have been looking for awhile. It is very handy to have your parent's living there and an uncle who is an excellent agent. We have looked and looked. Since the drop in the market and interest rates we have been looking for places close to BYU because it won't be long before we can't afford anything in Provo. We were greatly blessed to find this place. For those familiar with Provo it is on Dover Ln. Dover is up Timpview drive and a short left on Foothills. The house is 3 miles from BYU and is in a great neighborhood. Driving, it is a mile away from my parents but if you cut through my parent's next door neighbors yard (which we do all the time anyway) it is about a 5 minute walk. We sacrificed updating for location and yard. The house is not updated, my student housing apartment here is more updated but the location and the yard cannot be beat!! What's purple carpeting and purple sinks when you can have an big, amazing yard? Plus, it has everything...master bath, walk in closet, pantry, storage room, 2 car garage, laundry room, 2 fireplaces, two playrooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a craft room and of course, room for a basketball hoop! My favorite is the yellow marbled counter tops :) The house won't close until the end of March or beginning of April. The family wants to stay in the house till then and that is great for us. Everything is done now. All we have to do is wait and hope something crazy doesn't go wrong.

Monday, January 11, 2010


When I had Sam, my friend Emily set up meals for us. She used this website called food tidings I thought it was a really cool idea since most of us are usually in the process of setting up meals or bringing meals. Anyway, if you are setting up the meals you can pick the days and show the address of the house, the number of people, any allergies, food they like, contact info and the time of day for the meal. Then you send out an email to everyone so they can sign up. If you are signing up to do a meal then you can pick your day, see all the info I mentioned above and you can also see what other people are planning to bring. It was so nice for us to just be able to log on and see when meals were coming. Also, it was handy for Emily because she didn't have to worry about calling people and working out a schedule. Everyone was just able to sign up if they wanted to and she didn't have to worry about figuring out all the days, etc.
We received SO much kindness for the birth of Sam. Right before he was born a few people called me to see if they could bring dinner to help out because I was so sick. Then we got meals everyday for almost the first 2 weeks. They came every other day after that for the first month!! Still this week I had two people email and ask if they could bring us a meal. When people dropped off meals and we sincerely thanked them we had so many families tell us about the generosity they had received when their baby was born and what a help that was. We really live in an amazing ward with amazing people!! Thanks again to everyone who brought food (both before and after). It was delicious and a really big help!! We love you :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Competing with the bionic eye

We got lots of fun presents this year but my brother was able to top himself I think. Last year he and my sister-in-law gave the boys the bionic eye. What a great present!! This year he gave them Electronic Snap Circuits. I am sure you can imagine how popular this has been in our house!! It is so easy that Seth can build his own stuff but it still keeps Josh interested. Super Mario Brothers has probably been a little more popular but they can only play it on the weekends and the Fablehaven books are a close 3rd.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sharing the Love

*Caution...wild men on the loose...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How Sam and I spent Christmas

This just about sums it up...

Friday, January 1, 2010

The many faces of Sam

Babies make some of the best faces. Here are a few recent faces of Sam's...