Monday, January 11, 2010


When I had Sam, my friend Emily set up meals for us. She used this website called food tidings I thought it was a really cool idea since most of us are usually in the process of setting up meals or bringing meals. Anyway, if you are setting up the meals you can pick the days and show the address of the house, the number of people, any allergies, food they like, contact info and the time of day for the meal. Then you send out an email to everyone so they can sign up. If you are signing up to do a meal then you can pick your day, see all the info I mentioned above and you can also see what other people are planning to bring. It was so nice for us to just be able to log on and see when meals were coming. Also, it was handy for Emily because she didn't have to worry about calling people and working out a schedule. Everyone was just able to sign up if they wanted to and she didn't have to worry about figuring out all the days, etc.
We received SO much kindness for the birth of Sam. Right before he was born a few people called me to see if they could bring dinner to help out because I was so sick. Then we got meals everyday for almost the first 2 weeks. They came every other day after that for the first month!! Still this week I had two people email and ask if they could bring us a meal. When people dropped off meals and we sincerely thanked them we had so many families tell us about the generosity they had received when their baby was born and what a help that was. We really live in an amazing ward with amazing people!! Thanks again to everyone who brought food (both before and after). It was delicious and a really big help!! We love you :)


Hilary said...

Really, SUCH a huge help.
We got 3 meals. Maybe 4. My RS president called me and when I said maybe every other day for a couple of weeks, she said I was fine and 1 week of every other day was more than enough.
I cried for 2 days.
It was just the straw that broke me... but I still think back to those days with a dark heart. :)
I'm babbling. That's a cool site!

Adrienne said...

That is so nice. I'm glad that you have such good people around you to take care of you when you need it. I do wish every ward was like that!AND I hope you are feeling much better.

katharine said...

wow - that sounds great! what a neat way to organize meals. hope you are feeling well.