Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In some ways blogs are also for recording purposes, so...
Tonight at FHE Seth was asked something he was thankful for and something he could work on doing better.
Seth what makes you happy or what are you thankful for? Puzzles
Puzzles are fun and great. What is something that you want to work on doing better? Puzzles

In hindsight it seems like we should have known the second answer was coming but we didn't and it cause large amounts of laughter from all which caused Sam to laugh which caused us to laugh more.

Seth is a puzzle fiend!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Normal Person

We were all sitting in my bedroom on the bed. Math and Hy were having a debate but as Math started losing the debate he started getting a little crazy and turned to me for help...

Me - Math, calm down and talk like a normal person. I am normal so I can only talk normally to normal people.
Josh - I know someone who is not normal.
Me - Who? You?
Josh - Dad, he is totally not normal! Don't you agree dad?
John - frustrated look and raised eyebrows
Boys -giggles
Me -smile

You just can't plan moments like that.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just for fun...

Let's just say that you move into a new ward...and for fun, let's pretend that your husband ALWAYS gets the same/related calling, usually before we even go once to church. What are the chances of that happening again? Well...I'd say they are pretty darn good. Make your guess and then check the comments :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Women's Conference

Who is going to Women's Conference? Erin Holmes is speaking on Thurs morning. I am planning to go and I know Ann H. is also planning to go. If anyone else is up from Austin then we should get together maybe in the evening on Thurs or Friday or Sat (if you are still here). There are a few people around like some of the Alger girls, Torie, Corrine if she can make it, Kelli H. and Sarah B. may have baby issues. Melinda, are you and Jeannie coming? Anyone else coming? I think Audra S. sometimes comes down. Just leave a comment and then maybe we can go to email/facebook to figure things out!
Same for the Boulder people. Is anyone coming? Marisa are you coming out? I know Rebecca McDonald is coming. She is planning on coming to visit me (she needs to tell me what to do with my house and no money :) If you are then we should do something!!
It will be fun to see some of you again!!

PS Patti, Anne, maybe Stephanie or whoever feels up to traveling...it isn't too late. Free room, we even have beds!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Does the universe hate or love me....

I am not sure which one it is right now. We just bought a house. This house needs a little TLC. Most of it is cosmetic but some isn't so we used our money to buy the house and to fix some windows, the garage door and sliding door. Not cheap repairs. A few days ago our van died. For real died...not a spend $500 and you are back up and running. The engine is dead. It was 12 years old and was pushing 150,000 miles so we knew it was coming but we were hoping to make it till the next kid when we would have to buy a new one anyway because it wouldn't hold our family. We didn't make. Did I mention we just used our reserves for down payments and repairs? So now we have a nice car loan on top of everything else. The strange thing is that people don't seem to hesitate to loan us money. They seem to think John makes enough for a mortgage and a car payment but it doesn't feel like that is possible. What is the universe trying to tell me? Either it hates me and my house and cars are going to fall apart or it is telling me a real job actually covers what we need. I guess we'll find out over the next few months. What is the worst they can do...come repossess the van :) I think we will remain without a dryer or TV for a long time :)
Let's hope the other car lasts. Want to know how old it is...Eric Norby gave me advice and looked it over for me. That is how old it is (14 years) and it makes lots of fun sounds too :)

PS we just got the Internet in the house finally after 2 weeks...anything good happen while I was gone?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Remember my last post of beautiful spring? That was such an innocent time. I was young and carefree. The ways of the world hadn't touch my soul....
Fast forward a few weeks and today it is snowing and I barely have any feeling left at all. Why? The house! Apparently not all people are nice and reasonable. It is a long story but I will give a brief summary. The people living in the house right now are related to the current owner. She is the daughter of the wife. However, this was a second marriage. The house was in the prenuptial agreement so when the dad died it went to his children. They wanted to sell the house and get the money so they sold it to us. The people living in it have no claim other than they think they should just be given the house. So, they have done everything possible to make us break our contract. EVERYTHING they could do! My realtor almost had to call the sheriff. They have yelled and screamed and threatened and refused to let us into the house. They have claimed they aren't leaving. They have tried to make it so we couldn't close. Our realtor (my awesome uncle) had to sit in their house for 30 minutes while they yelled at him before they would even recognize that we had a right to a final walk through. This was after they didn't show up or allow us into the house for all the other appointments. (PS, of course they are Osmonds) It was bad and I am not even telling half of it. Then at closing the owner (mother of the daughter of this family - again remember that she has no real legal right to the house because it belongs to her step-children), literally while she is signing the papers she stops and says she isn't going to close because she wants the refrigerator. They have to stop the closing, mind you she is already a day late, and call my realtor. He tells her that she can take the fridge but that we will be suing her after the house is closed for illegally taking/stealing property. She decides to close without taking the fridge. Yes, my ultra mild mannered uncle was forced to say that. He was at his end!! We are at our end!!! Fortunately, the family is actually leaving the house finally and today at 5:00pm it becomes ours. Our schedule is a little off since they refused to leave but it is done. In a few years I am sure I will find it funny. The complete version is really insane. Oh, did I mention that John was gone for all of it because his grandfather died and he was in St. George for about 5 days with family for the funeral. Nice!

Summary for this last weekend...
Josh turned 10. We've been married now for 11 years
and we have a house and 5 boys...not bad, all it has cost me is my sanity.