Monday, April 19, 2010

Women's Conference

Who is going to Women's Conference? Erin Holmes is speaking on Thurs morning. I am planning to go and I know Ann H. is also planning to go. If anyone else is up from Austin then we should get together maybe in the evening on Thurs or Friday or Sat (if you are still here). There are a few people around like some of the Alger girls, Torie, Corrine if she can make it, Kelli H. and Sarah B. may have baby issues. Melinda, are you and Jeannie coming? Anyone else coming? I think Audra S. sometimes comes down. Just leave a comment and then maybe we can go to email/facebook to figure things out!
Same for the Boulder people. Is anyone coming? Marisa are you coming out? I know Rebecca McDonald is coming. She is planning on coming to visit me (she needs to tell me what to do with my house and no money :) If you are then we should do something!!
It will be fun to see some of you again!!

PS Patti, Anne, maybe Stephanie or whoever feels up to isn't too late. Free room, we even have beds!


Patti said...

I'm flattered with the personal invitation. That would be a riot! I will kindly decline, but... We are hoping to be in Utah around August 17th! Could we stay a night or two in your new place? Check your calendar!!!! We can coordinate the exact days soon. Kristin Greenwood is getting married on the 17th.

merathon said...

erin is speaking? on what? i wish i could be there, but sadly, that would be quite a trek for me!

Melissa said...

Mer...I think her talk is titled Joy and Nobility in Motherhood. It is a catchy title, it might be a little crowded and I think she is in a medium/large room, not the really big ones. It is a far especially when little ones (and big ones) think you should be at home :)

Melinda said...

Can't wait to listen to Erin!!! And see you, if we can work out doing something outside of campus. :)

Anne said...

Wow, that would be so fun!!! Maybe someday I can take advantage of your generous offer! We are planning on coming up to Utah around July 4th so we'll come see you! :)