Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Hike...

This is Hyrum at the top of Squaw Peak. Happy MEMORIAL DAY!! Our long hike started at 9:30am where we met Uncle Joe at the mouth of Rock Canyon. We were very happy to have him and I don't think we would have made it all the way without him. If you haven't done this hike it is amazing!! Don't think it isn't hard. It is a 8.4 miles round trip and gets pretty tough in the second half. Backpacker ranks it a 7 out of 10 in difficulty. It is one of my favorite hikes but it is a little too big for little ones like Seth (and sometimes Math) but the boys did really great considering....Math walked the whole way except for about 5 minutes and Seth did about 2/3 going up by himself (however, he did ride on Joe's shoulders for all the steep parts :)

Spring runoff is still coming down making the trail a little muddy and hard to get through.

Saw a wild ran fast! We didn't catch it for dinner unfortunately because I know it is cage free and vegetarian fed :)

John only carried the boys like this for about 3 minutes but it was just enough for a bunch of BYU students to come by and tell him how amazing he is, how tough he is, how he is their inspiration and hero :) I think he deserved the comments!

Had to wait for this snake to move out of the way. It wasn't in a hurry.

Yes, the views are amazing!!

Just under 10 years ago we took this hike with Uncle Dan. Josh was the same age as Sam and we have a picture of Josh sitting in the same place doing the same thing...picking up and eating rocks.

Josh recreating his picture :)

All the boys!!

Going down was faster although not much easier.

Trail running...

Sam is still smiling even at the end of a long adventure.

We came home to hot dogs, baked beans and homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches. Everyone's feet hurt but what an adventure!! This valley really is one of the most spectacular places!!
Best Quote
John - (on the top of squaw peak) What do you think about this hike?
Seth - I think I am afraid of heights and I think we are on a height.


EGP said...

Looks fun, wish we could have been there.

Corrine said...

looks like y'all had fun! I did a mini mini hike with my kids :) way to go!

the boys are getting so big....we will have to get the kids together this summer and play.

Leah Prince said...

Beautiful pics, except you can delete Mr. Snake. I am amazed the little boys made it!! I will do that hike with you someday.

Sara said...

Aw, I'm sorry I didn't get to hike when I was in Utah -- I even brought my tennis shoes and everything!

Next time . . .

Raspberry said...

Ah, Squaw Peak. Ironically the only guy I've ever been alone with there was a gay guy. It's a fun hike - great pictures!

Anne said...

Wow! Loved the pictures!!! The boys are getting so BIG!! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!!! :)

Charly said...


Heather said...

How fun. I love Seth's comment at the end. I feel the same way buddy.