Sunday, June 6, 2010

Growing Up is hard to do...

Yeah, you BYU'ers know what I am talking about. The DTR. Define The Relationship. After already making it through one love triangle since we moved, Josh has found himself in the biggest one yet. He isn't very happy and he has no idea what is really happening. This young lady won't let him play with anyone else and gets mad when he does. He doesn't understand why she doesn't want to be his friend or let him be friends with anyone else. Poor boy...he just hasn't reached the point in his life where he cares about girls. It is coming but he isn't there yet and it is like torture to him (although the little girl is a really nice, good girl) Today he spent sometime talking with her, "trying to talk some sense into her." I am not sure if she saw the error of her ways. He lost the privilege of playing with friends for some of last week and today after church he asked to be grounded again so he didn't have to play with Bailey..."Afterall, I still have my brothers to play with." Yes Josh, that was the whole point of having them!!

Hyrum was spotlighted in primary today. After we got home from dinner with Joe & Brittany and the Davis family (we had a great time), Hyrum made up spotlights for the family. This is the one he made for himself.

He likes legos.
He likes games.
He is awesome (spelled awsomes)
He hates cheese sticks.
He likes to rock.

Here was Sam's
This person likes to play with his brothers.
This person likes fitting (you know, throwing fits)
His name starts with an S
He is very cute and cries
He is a baby.


Marisa said...

hahahaaa! Oh man. Funny. We miss you guys.

merathon said...

so how old is josh now? i am dreading the day when kendall starts liking boys. she is 7 now and at this point, she has friends who talk about boys and boyfriends, but she thinks it's weird.

Janine said...

Hilarious! It will only get worse from here... 5 little heartbreakers on their way!

Edd's Photo Journal said...

Awesome post. I can't believe how big your boys are getting. Can't believe how much Josh is starting to look like you!