Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Fun - part 4

We finished off July by staying up at Snowbird. We went swimming and took a lot of hikes. Spring was really cool and wet this year so the wildflowers were INCREDIBLE. My family goes up to Snowbird every year and no one had seen them like this. It is true that changing leaves are my favorite but wildflowers are next on the list (oh, and blooming tulips) "I've always preferred wildflowers." "I thought as much." (movie anyone?? :) Anyway, I was kind enough to put the millions of pictures I took of all the flowers in a slideshow so you don't have to look at them all. You're welcome!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Fun - part 3

John's cousin Cari's kiddos were up here to stay with their grandma. We got to have them over for a whole day! The Roundy boys and our boys share a love of all things lego...guess what they did all day :) The boys had a lot of fun and Dallan and his date came over to "help." Of course, we ended up making them watch Sense and Sensibility with us :)
I wish I had some more pictures but we also got a visit from the Neyenhuis family. Cam is still Seth's favorite friend even though we have been gone for a couple of months. We had so much fun talking to much that John and I are convinced that they don't have that much fun talking with most other people :)

July Fun - part 2

I don't have too many pictures but our next round of fun came when Edd, Anne and family arrived. We took a driving tour of BYU campus, ate in the cougareat and went to John's lab. We ran into Jessica Sandlin (Matheson) on campus and she joined us.
The next day we went rafting on the Provo River and had a big picnic up at Vivian Park. There were football games in the park, citrus princess games, fun talks and endless cousin fun. That night Anne and I went to Stadium of Fire with my family!

July Fun - part 1

July has been a crazy fun month for us!!
Hy's trampoline skills have been improving greatly...

The arrival of Eldon, Stephanie and Sophie started us off! We had big dinners, desserts, donuts, pizza, games in the park, games in the yard and lots of long talks!
Dallan fell victim to a game trying to swing over something and jump off. He landed in the prickles.
The endless rounds of knock-out...
Sophie and the bubbles...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Perhaps the best Even Stephen ever...

Just for old times... Even Stephen.... YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

So I finally went to the store today and guess what I forgot to get...ONIONS!!!

Ironic...I'll grab some tonight...

Anyway, suggestions needed from all you wonderful Harry Potter fans.

Do I start my reading of the Harry Potter books again soon? I really want to start as soon as I finish my yearly Jane Austen fest and have a few more of her books to go ( is heavenly). I like reading the books closer to the movie so I am all Harry Potterified and all the Harry Potter desserts we make leading up the movies taste better when you have just read the books...however I also like reading them a little further from the movie so I am not constantly comparing them. What to do? Also, this year I have to share with Josh and Hyrum so our book schedules need to be planned :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm out of onions

I am out of onions today. I always buy a ton because we go through them so fast but I ran out today. When I realized it I started a mad dash to finish cleaning/organizing/washing from our week of partying and began a list of everything I need and dinner planning for the week so I could go shopping. About 3o minutes into it I realized that Sam is not having a good day and the boys just need a break but I didn't want to stop. I thought I have to keep going and get it done but then a few things came to my mind...
First a conversation with my SIL's mother, Sis Davis. She was just telling me about having her last child (she had 7) as I was talking about my conflicting feelings of trying to hurry and finish up having kids and still wanting to enjoy them while they are young. It was a little harder when they were all so little and so close together trying to keep up (as many of you know) but with Seth and Sam (and some with Math) I have just been able immerse myself in their little lives. I have LOVED it. The first few I had as close together as my body would allow but nursing spaced them pretty well. Sister Davis told me not to worry, I don't need Sam to eat more solids so I can have kids quicker and finish off. As she pointed out why would I want to end one of the best parts of life faster just cause it is a little hard. The rest of my life is going to be hard too so I won't be getting rid of that anyway :) Of course, she had a lot more to say but that was the main point.
Second a trip to Costco. I was sitting in the food court with the 3 little ones. There were a few older men sitting at the table behind us. They were catching up on what their families had been doing (they had obviously been long time friends). One of the men was talking about when they were young and had all those kids running around and everything was crazy but he finished off by saying if he had known when they were little how wonderful it was going to be to have them around for the rest of his life then he would have kept going and had at least 10. I don't think a person needs 10 kids, or even half that...just a good reminder that they are a blessing, not a trial :)
Third the article in last month's Ensign about being too busy. I had just skimmed this again last night. I am pretty strict with computer use for me and the boys but I do waste time being "busy" in other ways. So when I started my "I have to get this done" morning I realized that it was in someways being busy at the cost of my children's happiness. I stopped. I decided to play with Sam and Seth. Then I played with everyone for a bit. Josh and Hyrum and Math cleaned up the entire house (yes, the whole thing) and wiped down all the toilets and sinks for me. I took a break from playing to vacuum while Sam scooted around trying to catch me. We had a snack of all the sugar cereal left from the week of cousins. The boys started a large bionicle play fest and I threw in a load of laundry. Instead of just putting Sam down I rocked him to sleep today and held him for about 20 minutes while he slept just looking at that sweet face. Now he is asleep, I hung up the laundry. Everything is done, the house is calm and cleanish and we had a much better day than if I had run around crazy all day. This formula doesn't always work but I thought I would share a few of my thoughts/and tell you to read the article since pretty much everyone I know is running around in a similar position either at the start of a family or at the end or in the middle of some kind of crazy/busy life. We are in trials that consume all our emotion and physical energy. It seems that every once in awhile we DESERVE a chance to slow down and give ourselves a break, give ourselves a chance to realize all that we do have, like today...
My dinner has dried food storage onions in it and still tastes pretty darn good and tomorrow's dinner may have the same :)

Sam is up now and Seth just gave him a "drink" so he is completely covered in water...what was I talking about again... ;)