Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoveling night...

Well, it wasn't a "date" night but it was way more fun than most date nights. We started with visits from various family members which included Christmas presents, Wii sports, dinner, snacks, treats and excellent conversation.
The snow fun started when Joe, Brittany and Dallan (brothers and sister-in-law) decided to leave. It was snowing (and had been for awhile). Joe got out of the neighborhood just fine but Dallan couldn't get his car up the hill. There wasn't much snow but this is Dallan's first winter with a car here :) Joe ran back down and drove Dallan's car up out of the neighborhood. John and I put on our gear and decided to shovel the snow. We had a fun time but the best part was when we cleared off the trampoline. Have you ever cleared a trampoline of snow? You don't know what you are missing...the trampoline gets really slick and it is hard to get the snow off because it slides to where you are standing. We spent a long time doing flips into the snow. We also spent a lot of time falling and slipping while trying to knock each other down.
Next we decide to shovel some other driveways. We did a single sister's house and we shovelled half of the sidewalk in our loop which is a large amount of sidewalk as those who have been around our neighborhood loop know. It was way past even our late bedtime by now but it was so magical. I just couldn't go inside so I convinced John to walk with me and we walked along our neighborhood and then along some other neighborhoods. I left snow angels all around the neighborhood and we tried to think up names for our trees and eventually decided to name them French names but we'll need Math to wake up in the morning and help us as he is the only one who speaks French in the house. It was a crackling snow that made noise as it hit your coat and crunched under your feet. It was bewitching and when we walked in the door the Christmas tree is was bright and beautiful. An enchanting "shovelling" night...

PS...We were looking at shovels and I noticed that some websites spelled it shovelling and others spelled it shoveling. I think I like the single "l" better. Then I looked it up online and one site said you could spell it either way. Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

Where it's snowing
All winter through
That's where I want to be...

I know you might not believe me but my favorite part of winter so far has been shovelling snow. I haven't gotten to do it much but I have shovelled it every time so far! The boys like to come out and are a few pictures from Seth and I shoveling while Sam is asleep :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Accomplishments

I am not particularly skilled. I am not beautiful, I have no artistic talent, no musical talent, no intellectual talent and very little athletic talent and basically no high level homemaking skills. Being here in Utah helps remind me of these facts everyday...

With that introduction my title must seem off because what accomplishments could I have? Well, they are few and probably not noteworthy but I have noticed that there are a few things I do way better than the people I usually spend all my time with. I have listed some. These are pretty much unique to ONLY ME. (yes, I put that in capitals to make sure you understood who is included in this list and who is not)

*I am so skilled at using utensils that I am not forced to hold my head over the plate to keep from spilling on myself.
*I do not eat my boogers, even as a last resort...
*I have the ability to sit quietly and do nothing. This is obviously a learned behavior that takes years to master.
*I can stand being bored.
*I can smell a poop diaper rooms away and don't ignore it. Again, this is not a skill everyone can possess but I have found if you work hard you can master it.
*I do not force self produced noxious gas on the household public. This takes a rare level of self control which has not been practiced in the "P" family on any level.
*I have the special talent of actually listening to people when they are talking to me.
*I have the special talent of remembering what a person said to me while I was listening to them talk to me.
*I have the unique ability to wear clothes at all times.
*I don't spit or drool while talking. Another obviously learned behavior that requires practice.
*I am capable of taking a bath or shower without splashing/spilling water.
*I can tell the difference between dirty clothes and clean clothes by both sight and smell.
*I can cut my own fingernails and toenails with any available clippers. Definitely an acquired skill.
*I don't freak out at the sight of blood and I act accordingly to the level of magnitude of the accident.

Well people...I feel better. I am special. I am unique and I have hidden talents!!


With Seth these gems are never ending...

Seth - When Jesus was on the earth did he work at BYU?
Me - Um, no honey, he didn't work at BYU.
Seth - Only because it wasn't invented yet.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Student of the Month

Sam is 1...

How many times have you seen this? The one year old "standing" tradition, crawl up to the dishwasher and pull out the best stuff. This time he got the spoon we used for the orange roll frosting. He was very happy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Seth - When Jesus was on the earth I think he watched BYU football.